Wednesday, November 28, 2007


slp at 4am+ last nite..
thn 7am+ hv 2 wake up n send my lil.bro go tuition..@.@
sien ah sien.. wil pengsan 1 leh..after tat bring mum go ta bao breakfast..
i tot after cm bck wan continue slp de..mana tau..vry semangat la..cnt slp.. d newspaper 1st..
2day news:
Principal of tuition centre ask his student 'da fei gei'. lol
muz let him kena kao kao baru can.. PRINCIPAL leh!!! haha
after tat take my breakfast..
thn evening bring mum, lil sis n lil bro go Aeon Bkt Tinggi thr shopping..
tuesday evening oso many ppl shopping..geng.. lol
bought sum Sushi..hehe.. oni 88sen per pc...^^
becoz too fat muz hardworking keep fit
6.30 go swimming v my lil. bro.
nowadays many small children already learn swimming.. 4-5yrs old..already can swim..geng..
i teach my lil.bro, he stil duno la.. haiz... stupid!! muahahhahaha..
aiya..i oso duno how 2 teach la..summore so fierce..sure he duno la.. lol
sorry ya kunxian.. haha

8pm+. dad reach home..
OMG!!! he gt accident again!!! sigh..
y so unlucky 1..
got 1 18yrs old malay boy duno d way..kelam-kalbut whn riding motorbike..ngam ngam my dad wan 2 overtake him, he make a turn.. thn my dad hit his motor.. d malay fault..
but my dad say he jz 18, summore jz cm frm Pahang 3 days my dad 4give him, didn ask for money 2 repair motor n medical fee oso..summore show him d way 2 bck his hse.. =.=
both of daddy de hand oso injured.. his back oso kena.. sigh..
poor guy... last few months he jz broke his lil finger de kena again..duno wil broke onot..v ask him go check he dunwan..he say nt vry pain..haizz... keras kepala betul!
accident.. wil happen anytime..anyway.. so, muz bkful whn on d road ah..
pa.. get well soon yea..

eerrr.......i thnk nthng liao la..haha..

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