Sunday, November 11, 2007

Air Terjun Gabai

last few day told dad long time nvr go Gabai Waterfall le.. he say tis sat wil bring us go..
as wat his promiz..2day go waterfall.. =)
but..mum n sis thm all say dunwan go..duno y..
thn lil sis ask her frenz go..thr r Ledd, Rreen, Range..
dad 'force' mum go.. lol
( GABAI WATERFALL here v come!! ^^ )
jz sis din go..she went out v frenz..
so.. dad drive 1 car bring mum n lil bro..
i drive anthr car bring my lil sis n her anothr 3 frenz..
whn passed d Kesas tol.. OMG!! Jam!!!! wat the #$%@&* .. Hi-way oso jam.??! Rreen say she din bring mykad..walao..wan kena send bck 2 China meh?? LOL
aftr jam for 40mins+.. mana d Stupid F**ker 'Mata' block infront.. xiao 1~ duno wat he wan..
nvm..continue our journey..goin to 4pm late d
whn reach d kampung much car..can speeding..summore belok sini belok sana Drifting! lol ..^^
v rch thr at 5pm+.. 1st time so late reach waterfall.. many ppl oso go bck le..
nvm..time to enjoy!!
ooooohhhhhhhh no...naik d tangga so tough leh.. so high man!
anyway..v all managed 2 reach thr..
enjoy vry much at d waterfall..^^
7pm+..vry dark d.. v come down..n go toilet bath..
after tat v went Cheras thr hv our dinner..
bah kut head curry.. kampung salted chicken.. n duno wat mushroom..
8.45pm..go bck.. journey
reach home at 10.30pm..
tired tired tired.. 2moro summore gt ftball match.. @.@
ok..hv 2 slp le..
thnx dad..=)

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