Friday, November 9, 2007


oh yea.. my 1st blog in blogspot.. lol
dad's ex-colleague ask him go his house for Deepavali celebration o..
his hse in Gopeng, Perak.. 3hrs driving distance frm my hse! =.=
sis sick, stay home. lil sis go her frenz hse. lil bro busying v his homework (he din do 1 la..jz stay home n playing computer! XD )
so..only my parents n i going..
daddy jz cm bck frm cross country..vry tired.. so..i hv to drive.. lol
1st time drive so far leh.. gia gia~
dad bring a bottle of wine n sumthng else for their children..
move frm my hse at 3.15pm.
all d way 100km/h like tat..
5.20pm reach awhile.. thn continue..
5.55pm reach their hse.. ( tired tired tired.. >< )
got murukku!! yummy...
thn hv dinner v thm..
thr got fried big prawn, sambal prawn, sambal chicken, vege, n mutton curry.. all spicy!! my favourite!! lol
7.55pm..say bye bye..haha.. thy summore gv us 1 box of murruku n sum othrs biscuits.. (i never ask frm thm harh! haha) n oso 1 bottle of orange.. =.=vry dark..sumore duno d daddy drive..
v heading to Batu Gajah.. going 2 visit relatives.. mana tau samapi sana..nobody answer d door..oso din pick up d phone.. ><
nvm nvm.. v go Ipoh for d most famous de Taugeh Chicken!! lol

8.30pm..stop at a Biscuit hse to buy sum Kaya puff.. "Ho Chak" go thr b4 de.. lol
after tat looking for "Ayam Masin "(or ayam garam..i duno la.. haha)..oso "Ho Chak" go thr b4 de..cnt get.. thn dad go to ask a malay.. mana tau d malay guy answr my dad v CANTONESE!! Omg.. he speak better thn me.. LOLX
after rch..d shop close jor.. =.=
nvm.. stil got Taugeh Chicken!! yea^^
so many ppl thr..
v enjoy d meal vry much.. ^^
damn full leh.. 3person only RM27.. quite cheap..
okok..tired.. go bck...
1am..reach home.. @.@

ok..finish.. slp...~~

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