Sunday, November 25, 2007

Unlucky Day

2day new Jaya Jusco open in Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
it jz 10mins frm my hse.. so..1st day open..muz go muz go.. ^^
bcoz order contact lens frm sum1..i hv 2 bank in 2 her 2day..
but d stupid hell deposit machine got suck problem.. cnt accept d money la..
i try 3 times oso cnt..haizzzzzzz...
luckily she say nvm.. can pay her nxt Mon.
ok..nvm.. go JJ!
i driving at d 3rd lane.. i saw a Kembara simply cut frm 1st lane to 2nd lane..i tot she saw me..sure wont come 2 my lane.. after 1sec.. Piang!!! gosh.. d idiot really bang my car.. wat the $%^&*(@#..
yor... y God gv her d eyes leh? she duno 2 use oso.. haiz
d road summore jam wor.. coz many ppl going JJ oso..cnt stop beside..haiz.. i show my hand ask her follow me..n write down her plate num in my ph.. police at d traffic light thr control d traffic..
after i past..d police block d Kembara ..n let othr drection de vehicles go..
walao!!! so SHUEI meh???? God ah God.. u fool me ah?!
thn i cnt stop oso..many car..sigh..cnt do anythng... i jz looking 4 my parking place.. d parking area soooooooo is FULL!!!
wat la...y so many ppl geh? aiya..M'sia lagest JJ is like tis 1 la.. lol
so i parking at housing area thr..walao..many car oso leh.. i park 400m away frm d JJ..haizzzz..summore hv 2 walk so far under d hot sun..
THANX God! luckly my door din kemek..haha..4get it.. tis time no nid ask her 2 pay.. she OWE me sumthng d.. kaka
thn go inside JJ lo.. meet my lil sis thr.. haiz.. shopping v 5 galz.. sien..ntg can talk v thm..duno thm much..haha
thn go Kim Gary eat.. hv 2 wait 30mins oni reach our turn 2 go in d restaurant..(othr restaurant oso full)
ceh..d Cheese Baked Rice ntg special oso.. n no nice at all.. Tropical Secret Restaurant 1 oso better thn thm..haha
after tat go meet KM.. walk v him..but sien oso.. 2 guyz.. like gay la..haha
behtahan him.. keep pulling his collar.. duno wan 2 show his handsome-ness or wat..hahahhaha.. keep craping he is handsome.. =.=
thn 4pm+ beh tahan d..go bck..
didn go train ball..sorry ya shangzun.. =)

Skx n Jeff din cm go mamak watch football alone.. haiz
Mu playing like shit la..
lose 0-1.. haizzz... Ars leading MU by 3points..summore got 1 match in hand...wat la..

cm bck d.. saw guigui n my 'daughter' talk 2 me.. i try 2 Maximize..mana tau..pressed wrong~! i CLOSE it.. OMG OMG..
wat d hell 2day?????

Shuei ah Shuei~~~~

sua!!! 2moro muz lucky! lol


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