Sunday, November 18, 2007


yesterday duno y..vry tired..11pm already slp le.. 5am i wake up..thn i on9.. thn Shangzun talk 2 me..he ask me no yet slp ah..i told him i gt slp..he told me Kit, Lhy n him no yet slp..thy jz cm bck frm McD.. wtf man..later 8.30am got ftball match leh...haiz.. thy always do crazy thngz 1...
6.30am.. i go take breakfast alone..Milo ais + Mee goreng + Roti Kosong. lol
and thn 'dabao' 5 roti canai for family..
whn i reach home..i saw a kitten lying on d floor i stop my car far a bit..thn i go down n hv a look.. OMG..d............kitten die ad..
feeling so bad n guilty..coz i tot is jz nw morning whn i going out i hit d cat down de..sigh
i take a plastic bag n put it inside..later on d way 2 ply ftball oni throw it away..
after awake Shawn n Yik.. i going out.. whn d kitten inside my car..omg..d feeling really geli leh..yark...
thn throw it at sumwhr gao tim..thnx God n sorry meow..
thn fetch Shawn in BT2 n Yik in Botanic..
v rch Shangzun's hse.. tis 3 fellow stil watching TV..din slp.. haizzz..cnt do nt their parents
after get ready..v move 2 padang..
2day Skx, Jeff n Km didn turn up..all our keyplayer.. haiz.. but ysterday Shangzun tell me dun k who thy bring..v oso will win de..hahahahhahaha
2day d opponent bring 3 or 4 new player..all of thm quite good de..scare leh.....haha
i knw v r no good enuf..but last week v jz win thm 8-2. i thnk 2day v still can win ba.. hopefully la..haha

Shangzun (Left) n Jun Kit

lol.. d team got a new coach..haha
he ask us ply like training..dun ply rude wor..
thn d match start..d refree is their coach..
d field vry wet la..cnt playing well..all d passing went all wrong.. cnt reach our player oso..
a miss q frm their defender..i gt d ball.. i shoot using my left foot..i vry confident can goal 1 leh..mana tau..haizzzzzzz...kena d!!!
after tat..thy scored 1..haiz..v are down 0-1
Kit oso perform nt vry well ..i thnk coz of d field ba...lotz of water..
our posession all lose.. d opponent keep control d ball..haiz..midfield n forward all no good la...
thn d opponent get d 2nd goal.. wat a stupid mistake frm keeper.. lolx.. no offense..XD
2 goals behind..haiz...
Kit gt a stupid tackle frm behind..he injured again..(actually he injured ad..but he stil cm n ply 4 us) cnt do anythng.. he is out..
Sheng cm in..he is jz 12yrs old
thn v get a freekick 25meter frm d goal..Shangzun take it..
Ya! itz a GOAL!! his freekick really nice..keepeer cnt do anythng..
after afew mins.. shangzun get anothr freekick again..
jz outside d box..
yea....itz a goal again.. good!
1st half finish.. 2-2

after rest for 15mins.. 2nd half start..
moz of us stamina vry poor..all cnt chase d ball n run fast..haizzz..
sure like tis 1 la..every sat n sun training..oni a few cat turn up nia..haiz.. dissapointed leh.. hope can bck to last time..
thy get a freekick.. mayb d ball too slippy.. Damian cnt catch well n drop.. d opponent get it n score again..2-3
thr r a quick player at their right wing..sigh..shangzun wan go up..ask me guard d man.. v my speed..u wan me guard him? dulan!!!!
he ply upfront oso do nthng..oso keep losing d ball wat? nvm.. he scored twice d.. he 'dai sai' .. i cnt do anythng.. all he say is rite de..
15mins b4 d game finish..thy hv a low shoot.. d ball vry slow..but Sheng go n block it.. d ball went 2 anothr way..haiz.. keeper cnt do anythng.. v r 2-4 down..
evry1 tired.. cnt do anytng le.. sigh.......
1 mins b4 d game finish..i kicked hard on y.sum's boot.. pain man! kick so hard..summore kena his studs.. now bengkak d...
thn y.sum get d ball n shoot.. unlucky again..kena post!!! haiz...
2day 2 ball kena post.. Kit oso got 1 ball jz wide nia..really wasted..
v lose... ya..lose..
tis is our 3rd lose..consider good ad..
v cnt blame any1...coz every1 oso gt fault...
but really gt fed up by all d players la.. including MYSELF.. coz i doing NOTHING for my team.........haiz.. useless! (guilty)
if i get a job tat sat n sun no nid work 1.. i wan every sat n sun go training le... i wan improve..i wan do sumthng 4 my team..
or mayb..i wan change my position in our team le.. i wan ply attacking mid.. coz our mid really weak.. i thnk 4-5-1 better..duno la... see 1st...
train hard! train hard!!

after tat v go Jasima hv our brunch..
sien...after finish i send Shawn bck..thn bck home..
whn reach home i tell mum i killed d kitten in d morning..mum say not i kill 1..lolx..
coz ysterday sis already saw d kitten lying thr..
but...i duno la...haiz.. mayb is ysterday noon i go plyball i hit de ba?
but mum keep saying nt i do de.. she dunwan i felt guilty..
duno la... sorry meow.. itz really a accident i thnk..

sis went Banting d.. lil sis go her fren's sis's wedding..
so d breakfast tat 1 da bao 1 still got..haiz.. hv 2 eat again..
after bath n eat..really tired jor.. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!
until 7pm oni wake up.. kkekekekeke foot..still vry pain la..haizzz..

sua...past d..cnt do anythng le..
jz work harder ba..
gambateh BTFC!!


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