Monday, November 19, 2007

Eat eat eat!

18th Nov.

lolx.. dad bck frm Ipoh (he go thr 4 a road race [cross country] )..he bought bck Ipoh Salted Chicken..consider famous..coz d tv show 'Ho Chak' go thr b4 de.. last few week go thr v mum n pa..cnt tis time my dad 'succes' to buy it..lolx
it jz RM17. whole chicken man..quite cheap.. hehe
it tatsted nice! yummy~~~

watching "Jz follow Law" v lil bro n lil sis until 1.30am.
thn v go P.Klang eat
v ordered 1 set of Meltz..(jz 2 get d speaker) haha.. n 1 set of X-Meal.
no ppl geh... sien...

after finish..go bck n continue 'Jz Follow Law' again..hehe

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