Saturday, November 10, 2007


another boring day..
no working sien.. working oso sien.. wat i wan??? ( money!! lol )
10am+ wake up.. on9 on9 till on9..siao~
5pm+ uncle call me n say after a few minutes wil rch my hse..wan bring me go shah alam 2 take his car bck..
aftr change d shirt n wait.. i thnk go 1hr+, he stil din come.. wat the @%$#&@!!..
dulan~ change bck 2 normal shirt..take dinner..Fish+vege Curry, pork pork pork n taugeh.. (last nite go ipoh eat taugeh..2day taugeh again =.= )
aftr tat only my uncle come.. 2hrs+ = his ' a few mins later ' !!!
thn follow him go Shah Alam..
aftr rch thr, i drive his Kancil, he drive his abothr car bck..
on d way bck..he is behind of me.. STUPID!!! i duno d way bck leh...(not d same way tat v come frm).. i call him, he jz laughing n say ' go straight'.. =.=
luckily d way no belok sini belok sana..if nt sure sesat 1..
rch Klang.. OMG!!! Jam!!!! wat la... i HATE jam!!!!
cnt do anythng la.. sigh...
11pm+ bring mum n lil bro go
after tat go mamak.. i belanja.. =.=
no money liao working no money.. T.T
thn...rch some..tired..posting blog..
now..d end..slp! chaow~~~~g9

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