Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laugh my ass off!

Damn owh damn!
All these videos make me laugh my ass off!

Friday, February 27, 2009


An award from Maggie Qoo.
She is pretty, active to update blog, a Man Utd's supporter, and for sure...a camwhore queen! =P
Anyway, Thanks. ^^
I want give this award to 1 person nia.
Wakakakaka (coz im lazy)
His blog damn famous.. A lot reader.. Update his blog very fast.
Give him a visit to gain ur traffic. wakakakaka

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Have nothing to do.
Grab my D80 with 50mm f/1.8 went outside my house and shoot the meow-meow.
they are cute, but duno why i dun like them. muahahahaboth have BLUE eyes
I feel sexy
Meow: 'aunty, where is Maria?' XD
Dun shoot me, or i run away!
U found me!
My blue colour contact lens nice or not? I bought it at
She is pregnant!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Too late to go jogging. So, i grab my dad's 'not so handsome' racing bike to have a ride.
Goshhh..i forgot how long i never sweat.
Everyday stay home, eat, online, bath, pee, and sleep.
Im overweight!

Didn't bring anythng wit me except a bottle of water.
There is a road block near to BT2 . lol
i didnt bring I/C .
but, the police tak hirau i at all.. wakakakaka..
nearly forgot, im just a cyclist. a cyclist!!!! LOL

End up

Total Distance: 10.80km

Average Speed: 25.4km/h

Total time: 25mins 35secs

When i jump down from the bike. I feel pain on both leg's muscle. I cant even stand probally.
Omg... Cycling is not easy!
sigh...overweight overweight...

*i wan to beat the average speed nxt time* =P

Photo's Tag

A popular tag from flickr.
Tagged by CharlesKey.
The rules are, everything have to be hand written.
U can scan it, take a picture of it, or whatever ways.
1.Your name.
2.Left/right handed.
3.Favourite alphabet to write
4.Least favourite alphabet to write
5.Write down " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"(Notice it contains all alphabet in this sentence)
6.Name 6 of the people you're gonna tag..

I tag you because i believe u will do this tag. hahahaha. dun let me down okie? =P

Monday, February 23, 2009

终极天团 Ultimate Power Group - Part 2

Here is the group:

*the girl dance very well. damn sexy! ahaha3点钟
*very friendly and polite. they will say TQ after people took their picz.重靓级Colour 4
*dance very well.
Nu Girls
*pretty and talented.
*all handsome 1..sure a lot of gal gal will support them. Have a big chance to win this competition.丫头
*the CUTEst team. the centre 1.. so damn cute! they also sing very well!
*all very tall. like model! the centre 1 is my blog friend- Samantha. She is jz 18!

Group Photo



Sunday, February 22, 2009

终极天团 Ultimate Power Group - Part 1

Ultimate Power Group
is a new singing contest in 8tv.
Today they came to Klang Parade.
Becoz 1 of the contestant is from Klang ( i read her blog since 2008 )
So, i went there support support and snap some picz.
My bad habit came again. I keep pressing the shutter. I shooted 470++ photos today.
Sorry my dear D80. =(
There are 12 finalist group in this competition.
They are talented. What i can see is all of them are so young.
80% of them are pretty and handsome weiiiiii.... Jealous betul. ><
I hope im 1 of the contestant. Muahahahahaha XD
A few snapshots to share with all of u.
Will update part 2 very very soon. =)

Click here for more info about this competition.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Incomplete - Kary Tan

Few weeks ago.
Have a photoshoot with Kary.
Bad owh bad. She said she can't pose infront camera. LOL
I also have no idea how to ask her pose for me.
So, it is an INCOMPLETE photoshoot. hahahaha
A few snapshots share with all of u.
Comment yea~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photoshoot- FaFa, ZhenZhen, TuTu, HamHam

From left: FaFa, ZhenZhen, TuTu, HamHam . hahahahaha
They are 2 pair of sisters.

Sister power: TuTu + ZhenZhen a.k.a Pei WernSister power: FaFa + HamHam