Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Too late to go jogging. So, i grab my dad's 'not so handsome' racing bike to have a ride.
Goshhh..i forgot how long i never sweat.
Everyday stay home, eat, online, bath, pee, and sleep.
Im overweight!

Didn't bring anythng wit me except a bottle of water.
There is a road block near to BT2 . lol
i didnt bring I/C .
but, the police tak hirau i at all.. wakakakaka..
nearly forgot, im just a cyclist. a cyclist!!!! LOL

End up

Total Distance: 10.80km

Average Speed: 25.4km/h

Total time: 25mins 35secs

When i jump down from the bike. I feel pain on both leg's muscle. I cant even stand probally.
Omg... Cycling is not easy!
sigh...overweight overweight...

*i wan to beat the average speed nxt time* =P


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, I think you need to exercise and training everyday...

Kuntong said...

ya..i knw...
but im lazy~ ><

Qoo said...

我就没了,因为我懒 >.<

Anonymous said...

wah, about 25 min can cycle up to 10 km's ar? faster than car wei. From my house to school (assunta), it's abt 10 km but need car journey of 45 min and above.. jam in PJ. haha

OngKhengMai said...

Kuntong, the 'Cateye' is it a pedo meeter for bicycle? Where can buy it?

Kai and Baobei said...

lost stamina ?? must be busy on other activity all the nights la ~ dont la ~ (-_-)

Kuntong said...

Josephine, cycling wont jam 1..haha

OngKhengMai, yaya..but i duno whr can get wor.. my dad's fren gv him 1..u try to search it at selling racing bike punya shop..i thnk got

Kai,yalo...i should stop on9 until late nite..its damn tired.. wakakakaka

fufu said...

hahaha... do more exercise and you wont feel the pain in return you will get more muscle =)

Riezal said...

way to go bro.. should cycle more often.. :)