Friday, February 27, 2009


An award from Maggie Qoo.
She is pretty, active to update blog, a Man Utd's supporter, and for sure...a camwhore queen! =P
Anyway, Thanks. ^^
I want give this award to 1 person nia.
Wakakakaka (coz im lazy)
His blog damn famous.. A lot reader.. Update his blog very fast.
Give him a visit to gain ur traffic. wakakakaka


Akira 思胜 said...

呵呵, 我过去支持他!!!

Kuntong said...

good.. =)

Edward Heah said...

wah! get an award from other supporter, got fancy lioa. hahhaha

Qoo said...

楼楼上的edward大哥说什么啦... ==

Kai and Baobei said...

die la die la my dear KunTong, u killing me la ~ !!!! I am not always having free time to take care of my blog one ah ... cham liao la this time, 有压力啊 ~ hahaha! 因为这个月project还没开工嘛,所以在公司很得空,一直守着电脑嘛,哈哈哈! anyway,谢谢你lo !!! (这次我die die also have to update my blog, cham liao la ~~~~~~~~~ (T T)

Kuntong said...

Edward, haha..nola..

Qoo,he said i got fans liao..(gua) LOL

Kai, good..update more! =P

Qoo said...

哈哈哈fans他的头啦 ==