Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tamron AF 55-200mm f/4-5.6 LD Macro

My new toy for my camera.
It is Tamron AF 55-200mm f/4-5.6 LD Macro . hehehe
Now can zoom further liao..keke
This lens have a special story behind that u know. This lens is a good guy brought back from UK one..
The guy is Tan JM
I started to read his blog few months ago. We never meet. Because he study/work in UK (he is Penang-kia).
And i saw some1 said this lens is very cheap in UK. So, i just try my luck. I contacted him and asked whether he can buy for me and bring bck when he is coming bck to Malaysia. He said YES.
See...This world still have good guy 1. hahahahahaha
When he bring it back. He send the lens to me eventhough i didn't bank-in the money to him.
He never scared i will cheat him..... Any girl want to know him, go visit his blog ya! =P

So, i get this lovely lens with RM203.10 ONLY (Lens price+UK postage+Malaysia Postage) !
If i buy it in Malaysia, it need RM600.
The only matter is this lens takda warranty in M'sia. Have to claim the warranty in UK only.
So God, bless my lens. Thanks. XD
And here, i want to say Thank You to Mr Tan JM again!
Thank You so so much~

My pretty wife with my new Tamron Lens.


Ning said...

dropping by and hallo-ing to your pretty wife with her new lens =P

your wife can now zooooom and see far far laa =D

MT said...

walao...that lens memang cheap...but u have meet a good guy bring it back for u.....

Josephine said...

u very sayang ur camera! Buy toy for it some more!

Edward Heah said...

halo! Spend Ang pao many lioa ar?

Kuntong said...

Edward..nola...angpau money in Bank liao...ha

bakri hafiz hisham said...

that cheap huhu?
i should ask my mom to buy it for me there