Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chicken Rice: RM44.90

Today morning, my dad, LNG , ND , and their freinds jogging in Shah Alam area.
After the run, they went Sri Muda for breakfast.
They went to a double storey kopitiam. All the food stall at ground floor, customer at 1st floor.
ND order a chicken rice for LNG.
When the Indon maid serve the chicken rice, she ask for RM4.90 . So, LNG gave her RM50 note. The maid gave her back RM5.10 and told LNG she will give back the others RM40 after this.
LNG promised to treat all them today, so, she wait the another RM40 to pay the drinks and others people's food. But the maid didn't turn up after a long time.
They call up the maid and ask her. The maid keep repeating she only received RM10 from LNG.
She don't want to admit. She somemore cry to make people pity on her. Wtf !
So, they all went down to the stall looking for the bos.
And the bos said he can't do anything. He said he never receive any RM50 note from her maid.
LNG don't want to waste the time and in the trouble anymore, she just let it go.
So, end up she paid RM44.90 for a Chicken Rice!!!
Beware when u paying in food court or whatever!!!
Maybe the Indon maid want to cheat. Or maybe the bos and the maid team up to cheat the customer!


Huai Bin said...

My best guess is the Indon maid. It's not good for business for the boss to be cheating customers like that.

I don't want to profile people, but we used to have a life in maid, and she is kleptomaniac too. Any change that is lying around my room goes missing. I just let her be coz I used to wake her up at 2 am to cook maggie for me. Haha! So that's kinda like her tip. ;)

Kuntong said...

but it is RM40 ! too much wei....
u are a bad boss! =P
2am lagi wake her up to cook maggi for u...

Chien & Chong said...

wao.. d chicken rice is super expensive !! ^^

Joy said...

stupid fuckin indon maid !
i hate indon maidsss !!!
44.90 for a sad..=(

Ning said...

what! 44.90! *pengsan* =X

wendii said...

LOL omg.. so ex.. xD
ummm.. scary maid