Friday, February 13, 2009

No more CNY mood

Chinese New Year finished..
U still in the CNY mood or working mood? haha
Seriously, im in working mood. LOL
Im working hard this week to get some OT.
The stupid economic make us have to take unpaid leave for 2 weeks every month. Im working tis 2 weeks, will be off next 2 weeks.
That means i will get half month salary only. Haizzzzzzzzzz..
How? Any part time can intro ah?
Hopefully this situation can passed asap.
I need money. I want money. I want buy camera's stuffs. XD


Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, still wanna get money to buy camera's stuff?

Kuntong said...

if i buy, sum1 will kill me. ==

minshi.meow said...

this year i banyak lousang.
And i'm already in working mood!!!

Kai and Baobei said...

aiyooooooo, sure working mood liao loh, dont need to feed family mehhhhhh :P eh, what is ur field ? what type of jobs you looking for ? maybe you can list down the details and get helps from bloggers ~ :)

feifei said...

study mood now but i wanna work part buy camera stuff...hahahaha

Kai and Baobei said...

hehehe, follow ur comment box to gossip ya :P fei fei, you should relax a bit in study life la, dont need to rush for working ma :P there is way to have camera, eg: join some campus activity and become their photographer, usually they will have nice and advanced machine for u. You can use it for few years until graduate ma. :P I did it last time and enjoyed 3 free camera, hahahaha! they even gifted it to me after i graduated. they ask me to keep it and enjoy taking photos. hahahahahaha, untungnya.

Josephine said...

I thought u part time camera man?
Never knew that u are working...

Try asking bridal shop whether their need part time photographer or not. This year is a good year. Lots of ppl getting married.

2 weeks unpaid leave... actually I don mind taking 2weeks unpaid leave, but not every month lah, once every 6 months is ok.
But at least u still can claim OT leh...

renaye said...

i also want money!!!

i hope the economy will recover soon.

Edward Heah said...

Hey! Now u should saving ur money lioa. The economy was so bad. it will be worst at April onward. Only next year can start recover.