Monday, February 9, 2009


Bored. Just a random post.
I saw some people can make the eggs stand during CNY.
I tried, but failed... hahaha
I have no the patience to do that. So, end up used some trick to make it stand.. LOL
At night... Went mamak with Jeff and Skx.
Man Utd beat West Ham 1-0
And we ordered a Roti Tisu. Damn big man~
Need 3 plates to put it...
The customer at the next table keep look at us. LOL

This morning pula have a heavy rain.
Then went bayu tinggi have Dim Sum.
Damn hor-chiak...The price also damn kao-lat. haha

-- End --


sirei said...

wow~ nice food especially the roti tissue!

Edward Heah said...

Hey~ to make the egg stand got method 1, let's me find out for u.
beside that, the Roti Tisu really long lol they make.

Josephine said...

Roti Tisu! I forgot when was the last time i ate that...

Kai and Baobei said...

ai ... roti tisu ... long time din try, miss those study days in Serdang few years back :P

CHloe said...

Wah~Roti Tisu is too big la!
One person cant finish it~

Kuntong said...

Edward, ok...waiting for the method! ^^

Chloe, we 3 person also didnt finish the Roti Tisu lehhhhh... hahahahaha

teddY said...

Oh yumyum, the roti tissue is looking great... and it's huge! Woah.

And you make your egg stand at the intersection of the tiles! Nice trick, heh! Scientifically speaking there's no specific astronomical changes that will cause an egg to stand during CNY, but well, sometimes I do believe in myths XD