Sunday, February 22, 2009

终极天团 Ultimate Power Group - Part 1

Ultimate Power Group
is a new singing contest in 8tv.
Today they came to Klang Parade.
Becoz 1 of the contestant is from Klang ( i read her blog since 2008 )
So, i went there support support and snap some picz.
My bad habit came again. I keep pressing the shutter. I shooted 470++ photos today.
Sorry my dear D80. =(
There are 12 finalist group in this competition.
They are talented. What i can see is all of them are so young.
80% of them are pretty and handsome weiiiiii.... Jealous betul. ><
I hope im 1 of the contestant. Muahahahahaha XD
A few snapshots to share with all of u.
Will update part 2 very very soon. =)

Click here for more info about this competition.


Kai and Baobei said...

i was there man !!!! din see me? hahahaha, saw u busy shooting huh!!! hahahaha. i went there with my wife :p u busy observing girls?? muahahahahaha!

ya, most of them are nice looking! :)

CHloe said...

Hey,today JJ got model show~
Did u go there take photo?!
damn nice the all model!!

seeyin said...

we snapped loads too!!

feifei said...

hey sorry bro for put u aeroplane...hehe paiseh la...btw those photos u edited o the WB prob??

Kuntong said...

Kai, u saw me ah???? y no call me 1... aiyo...many lenglui, sure i vry busy 1 ma.. wakakakakaka

Chloe, din go la..i duno about it also...haha

Seeyin, icic..

Feifei, so u owe me 1 set of lunch. hahahaha.. edited...all green-ish ..i like the colour..duno y

renaye said...

ooh... but i don't think i have courage to enter any audition or competition.

Akira 思胜 said...

Not interested to watch this show, haha...