Saturday, December 22, 2007


after 3weeks+, finally im bck! Im bck to 'Online World'. LOLx
it was a long looooooooong story during tis 3weeks..
so, i jz wil highight sum important moment..

3weeks ago..
my modem spoiled coz of lightning.. haiz..duno y so shuei 1.. grrrr..
so, stop on9 frm tat day..

30th Nov, went for hair cutting.
knw where??
NEO-IMAGE! Lol.. duno? haha.. for those got watch Taiwan movie de sure wil knw lo.. [ Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi ]
haha.. d hair cut okok nia la..
coz open near 2 my hse.. so, hv a try thr lo..

1st Dec, go JJ again..haha
damn sien.. Opened 8days, i go thr 4 times d.. lol. crazy!!
too sien..duno whr 2 walk..coz every single corner of d JJ already stepped by me.. lol
so.. go Green Ice having a Mango Ice Blended, Cendol, n Sausage Cheesy Apam. d ice all vry nice coz d mango smell vry thick..original 1 wor..not mango syrup.. n d cendol got coconut de..soooo nice... but horh.. d size damn small.. 5 spoon cnt finish it.. lol
n d Apam.. errrr... normal normal nia lo.. haha
Mango ice Blended
Cendol & Cheesy Sausage Apam

2nd Dec, Follow my uncle go his farm.. after tat go his durian farm in Seremban.. Omg.. damn tired..
coz d hill so high.. grass oso high..
walking in d durian hill really tired n scary..
coz wil sesat 1.. lol
but..i managed to get sum nice shot thr.. hehe
d entrance blocked by a trunk.
Pray pray b4 go to pick durian..
Durian. King of fruits- Durian! Tis flower nice?? guess vry hard 2 found tis.. =)
not easy to get all tis frm d durian hill.

3rd Dec.
Sze lei bring me go interview.
i got d job!! =)
salary oso no bad.. thnx so much, Sze lei.

4th Dec, start working in 1 company located in North Port.. 20mins driving distance frm my hse.. everyday driving beside GIANT size de lorry n trailer.. so scary..haha
everyday work v Bangla.. teach thm hw 2 speak malay. thy teach me sum bangla language..but, vry tough for me.. lol
at least i knw:

I Love U = Ah-mi-tomarteh-baru-basi
How are u = Tumi-geimon-ah-chu
Im fine = Ah-mi-baru-ahqi
What = Ki
What problem = Ki-samosa
Elephant = Hati
haha..stil got sumthng i 4got le.. coz now working in Tooling Dept d.

12th Dec, change to Tooling Dept. everyday stand n follow my leader..damn tired.. n everyday oso hv to OT until 8.30pm..
becoz d salary quite good.. tats y gt many ppl come interview.. i thnk nowadays got 20+ new staff.. all galz..only 3 of them is boy.. haha

13th Dec, my birthday.
Her hp no credit.. cant greet me.
after 12am+, only i call her.. she greeted me n sing B'day song 4 me..
But, itz a lonely nitez. everytime remember frenz de bday n greet thm, but, so WHAT??? no respone frm most of thm.. sigh........
only 5 ppls greet me by SMS.
1. Carynn
2.Xin Yin
3. Eri
4. Kel Ming (surprise la..coz he knw my bday.haha)
5. Shangzun (surprise oso.. haha..tot his brain got football nia.. LOL)
Thanks , all of u.

n for those greet me by Friendster's Testi, thanks u all too.. n sorry for not reply..hehe
tat day after finish work.. saw lil.sister baking cake.. haha..surely, for me 1 la.. lol
middle of d cake got cheese..
n d topping is chocolate.. hehe.. nice to see n nice to eat too..
lol.. thanx muimui n thnx mum.. =)
mum say din go out eat n buy cake.. so, pa n her gv me a Ang Pau.. haha
i dunwan de.. but , thy say muz take wor.. haha
thanks again.. =)
Old 1 more year d..
19 liao ah... still... apa pun takda.. sad.. =(

17th Dec.
2day siao~~ my leader hv to overnight.. tat means hv to work 24hrs..
n me....omg.. hv 2 follow him working 24 hrs oso..
omg omg.. coz duno wil like tis.. both of us last nite slp 4hrs+ nia..
try 2 imaging la... 24 hrs no sleep leh..walao.. tat day really kolian... haizz... d eyes keep wanna close..hahahaha
but, finally, v did it.. =)
OT 14hrs.. haha.. got many many $$$ wor.. =P
19h Dec. finish working at 8am, coz work night syif.
holiday start.. frm 20 Dec til 25 Dec.. 6 days holiday..haha^^
hopefully can go sumwhr ... =)
20th Dec.. go pc shop buy a new modem..
manatau rch home liao..cnt use again.. coz Adapter oso spoiled ..haiz.. hv 2 change it.. RM25. i tot old pc still ok, so i bought cable 4 it.. (coz i bought 4port Modem)
really so shuei.. b4 tis d old pc ok de... whn i get d cable, d CPU gt problem.. wat the #$%^&*.... !!!
haiz... cnt do anythng...
no money liao.. summore spent RM150+ on computer.. charm ah charm....... T.T
muz OT many many liao la... hahaha
21st Dec.
haha.. 2day go SMK Dato Hamzah. my ex-secondary school to collect my SPM certificate..
i finished my SPM 2years ago.. haha
but..still got ppl no yet collect oso.. =P


xinyun said...

watz sausage chezzy apam
*** drooo000ooolinG ***
where's green ice

Kuntong said...

inside Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre lo.. knw?