Sunday, December 30, 2007


eveyday OT till 8.30pm..itz tired..n im not driving to my working place anymore, i take company, hv 2 wake up early to get d bus n reach home late..sigh
bath, take dinner, read newspaper, n on9..itz 1am dy.. hv 2 wake up at 6am.. dui... working 11 hrs per day (whole day standing) n only slp 5hrs.. wonder hw long i can tahan.. haha

2day, finally i hv time to go swimming.. i went for 7pm till 9.15pm 1.
whn i gt my ticket n went in, i realize i forgot to bring my swimming trunk. >.<
wat d ****... hv 2 go bck n take it...
completed 1000meter of Breaststroke & 450meter of Freestyle..(actually i wan to finish at least 500meter for free style..unfortunately , the bell rang.. >.< ) quite tired ..coz 1months+ no swim d.
Tomorrow......working day gahhhhhhhhh.... sum of my colleagues get holiday frm 30th Dec till 3rd Jan. 5 days man!! but, hv to cut 3 days of annual leave or get 3 days of unpay leave.. haha nvm.. work la thn.. wont rugi RM150+. haha n i can go bck at 5pm 2moro..^^ hopefully still can make it to to countdown for 2008! so... wishing every1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
2008 coming... work hard, play hard! =)
take k..

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