Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

thanks Mr.Lai, allowed me to finish job at 5pm , no need OT. yeah. =)
Jiming, Regena, Okao n me going Sg.wang to countdown!!
v had our dinner at Tea&Food (if im not mistaken. XD ) Hong Kong Rest. in Times Square.
saw Jeff v his buddies at sg.wang.
duhhh...9pm+, d concert outside sg.wang hd started.. d road r fully crowded..
itz hot,coz no air can go thru..lol
guess, thr r more thn 6000 ppls thr.
Artists tat performed tat nite was Daniel Lee, JNK, Henley, Orange, Gary Cao Ge, Zhat Tin n ..... duno their name.. lol
Snow Spraying whole nitez.. itz fun!! =)
kena d spray in my eyes for quite many times.. luckily itz ok..
n... saw Teng Zhong n Chee Meng v their frenz too..
i helped thm to take photo v police.. =.= n a groups of gal..
thr r pro to knw galz.. lol

v going bck at 2am+.
v hv our supper : our 1st meal for 2008 too at mamak stall in Eng Ann.
Mee Goreng + Roti Telur BAwang + Teh O Ais Limau!! too much!! haha
rch home at 3.50am.
tired tired tired..

hopefully, can having countdown for new year in Sg.Wang again (if can b v her wil b more more more better)...
bigger group wil b more happy..=)

New Year, New Life.
i WISH my Family n frenz will stay healthy n happy always.
i WISH i can doing well in everything.
i WISH i can stay happily v HER, FOREVER. =)

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