Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tue, Wed, Thu

last Tuesday.. went swimming again..
try to cover more distance to shacked away all d FAT in my body..
finally.. completed 1000m of Breaststroke & 1000 of Free Style. (my Personal Best..haha..last time d best is 1000m Breaststroke & 600m Free Style ny)
2000m...!! proud huh..LOLX..jk
hope can do better better n better..
but tat day after swim, i felt dizzy. mayb too hungry o tired o wat.
rest on my bed after cm bck frm swimming pool. fall asleep after tat.
wake up at 1am+ without taking my dinner.. omg.. fall sick??? having my dinner v pa, ma, & my bro at mamak at 2am.. @.@

yesterday..Thaipusam..hv 2 work oso..
after finish work. went swimming again..haha
but, jz 1000m of breaststroke & 200m of Free Style.. poor.. but, quite tired oso la..

2day.. OT till 8.30pm. so, no swimming .
went pasar malam alone. long time din go ad.. bought Roti John, Chicken Burger, & 'Vadee' ... OMG.. wan keep fit but buy so much ?!! n 1 more thing.. Cendol.. omg omg.. fat fat fat... ~~~~

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