Monday, January 7, 2008

I did it !

Sunday. 6th Jan 2008
Sunday, my only rest day per week.
do NOTHING except online.. sigh
went swimming again.. rch thr 7pm sharp. =)
my plan b4 start swim- at least 1000m for Breaststroke & 500m for Free Style.

ok... finished 1000m of Breaststroke first..itz all ok.. jz sumtimes my lane get blocked by sum ppl tat jz playing in d pool..geram la sumtimes..coz thy should play at d side, but not in d middle of swimming lane..
continue with Freestyle after tat.. finished 500m, itz OK too... still got time.. so, i swim 2 more rounds (100m)..itz, i get out frm pool b4 d bell rang..
so, it means i covered 1600 meters!! hehe!
1000m Freestyle & 600m Freestyle.
weeeeee~~ i did it! i did it!!!.. haha.. last Sunday jz covered 1450m.
hope can get to swim nxt Sunday with more coverage..
gambateh!! =)

1.31am d!!!!!! charm~~
hv to wake up at 6am n working.. @.@
gd Nitez!!!

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