Saturday, January 5, 2008


get to bck home at 5pm..nonid OT. =)
coz Mr.Lai hv to attend sum1's wedding dinner. itz fun to take d same bus going bck v my colleague (normally thy went bck earlier thn me.)
sit v ah huis's 'GF'. muahahahhaha.. sorry hui..lolx

going botanic to hv a jog v Ah Pang. but itz raining..
luckily d rain stop at 6pm. Pang thr v his frenz-Lion. (ex-dato's student, saw him b4, but duno him)
so now.. hv 1 more new frenz. =)
completed 1 n a half round of Botanic garden. itz 4km+ i think...
long time didn jogging d..(completed KL Half Marathon (21km)b4 . ^^ )
luckily stil can catch up to their speed. =)
sweating a lotz n muscle like going to cramp.. but i still managed to finish it without stop.. =)
Lion finished 1st, Pang 2nd, im 3rd ..oso d LAST. muahahahhahah! (jz 20seconds behind. itz ok laaaaa...haha.. i will beat thm soon..kaka)
hv a 300m walks n chit chat.. thn do sum stretching thr..
nice run for 2day..thanks guyz.. =)
hope can get to finish job early nxt time.. so, i can join thm jogging.

12.09am. Aston Villa vs Man Utd at 1.15am.
1more hour.. Bertahan!! Bertahan!! muahahahhahaha..
sigh.. sure watching alone again..

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