Friday, February 1, 2008

Futsal with colleagues

all of us get to bck home at 5pm. no need OT [[rarely to finish work at same time together]]
so, v going for FUTSAL!!! my fav
moz of them are basketballer.. haha
we are 8 ppls ny.. no, TARIK 3 bangla to play v us.. but, v pay 4 thm la..
Simon, Ah Meng, me v 2 Bangla vs Ah Hui, Hui's Bro, Jun Long, Jia Hui, Injection's fatty [[dunno his name.sorry. haha]] & 1 bangla
so, 5 vs 6
but, finally v managed to win.
nice game for me.. but, sum of thm say vry tough & dunwan go for futsal anymore.. =.=
all of us r swollen on foot.. coz v playing barefoot.haha
nice nice nice!! hope 2 play v thm again.

1 more week- CNY!!!

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