Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BTboyzzz 8-1 Malay Kids

last sunday.
hd a friendly match with a malay team.
moz of our 'senior' player r bck. lol

our starting line-up:

Y.sum(17) Kuntong(10)

Calvin Kelming(4) Skx(7)

Jiming(3) Jeff(8) Lian Yik(6) Hang Wei(5)


10 vs 10, becoz thy hv no enough player..(wtf!)
Shangzun, Mutu are sub.

Stupid baka laolan's Kelming injured jz after 10min d match started.
so, shangzun replace him. XD

finally, we won 8-1.
Y.sum scored 4 goals, 2 goals frm me, Shangzun & Calvin both 1 goal.
while d opponent's goal oso scored by our team. itz a Own Goal.. haha
P/S: Mr. CHUA SHANGZUN assist 3 ball.
hahahahhaa.. he keep asking me y i didn update my blog. i knw wat he wan 2 c. LOLx. (dun kill me...XD)

tats all.. chaozzzzz~

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