Monday, December 8, 2008

Zoo Negara

Last Saturday, went Zoo Negara with Yiky.
Spent 5 hours there to walk around, see the animal's show, lunch & take photos.
No much animal there. But still happy enough.
She happy or not, i dunno la...haha

Should bring my tripod along next time because have to shoot in low shutter speed.
Ok, here is the animals.
Enjoy & comment please. TQ


Akira 思胜 said...

Those photos are nice! Hehe... I copied down few photos ya, hope u dont mind...

Kuntong said...

Akira, thx.
No problem. =)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

All the pictures are very nice... :)

Edward said...

Sure she will feel happy la. Look at the photo knowing lioa. haha.
ehmmmm. I personal feel the photo abit dark la.

Kuntong said...

dark? a few only i thnk.
if all dark for u..check ur monitor brightness.. =P

Shiveeleaves said...

walao,monkey very yeng zai!like smoking :D

ET女子 said...

nice photo u got~~~
i love the 1 u wf ur gf...can gv a title called《双双对对》^^

Kuntong said...

Shiveeleaves , hahahaha..yaya! yeng leh! somemore is baby monkey

ET Girl, really? Thanks for the nice title. haha