Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photoshoot coming!

fuyoh...will start my 13days holiday from 25th December.
But too bad, have no any plan where to countdown at Christmas Eve yet.
And still not sure will drive or take bus to Penang on this coming Sunday.
Anyway, i have photoshoot on 25th & 26th Dec.
Any photographer want to join? Those model quite pretty one leh..hahahaha...
No need DSLR la... a digital camera already can join this photoshoot.
25th at Kota Kemuning . 26th at Venice Hill, Cheras.
Join me please... I dunwan go alone....


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, when is your date to come Penang? Contact me yo!

JeN said...

kota kemunting mana lai??

Kuntong said...

Akira, frm 28th till 30th..sure will contact u!

Jen, kota kemuning at shah alam..wan join???

JeN said...

i google it up 1st..
wan bring wat de ah?
camera.. ?? $$ ??
i dont hav nothing de wo..

Kuntong said...

camera enough..haha