Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome BABY

Few months ago, thinking to get a new wife.
But no money.
Start saving, till the end still no money.So today, i put the Santa's mask on my face.
Went into a shop and rob. Managed to get some RM50 notes. I drove my little Kancil to Amcorp Mall and looking for J-One Camera Shop.
After *&^%$#)#& with the bos for around 20minutes, still can't get any discount.
Nevermind, since this is the last unit Nikon D80 they have in their shop. Get a Hoya UV filter to protect my lens.
I paid and went home happily with my new wife.

When i am home, mum keep asking how much is my new wife.
I told her only RM1k+ .And ran straight away to my bedroom. XD

Welcome honey, I will treat you nicely.


p/s: ET 女子: 我也有一件跟你一样的红色三角裤了!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

*Ignore those stupid joke above. hahahahaha XD

Today, is a special day for me. I get myself a brand new Nikon D80 .Waited for so long to get this camera. I am happy, but seriously, it is a big big hole in my pocket and bank saving account now.

I hope i can get more and more better photos in the future. I love photography. I love Nikon!

I still can remember when i set the time for my D80 (have to do this everytime u get a new DSLR, if not, it is not a 'virgin' anymore. haha). It is 4.42pm , 11 Dec 2008.

This is my birthday present for myself too.

My birthday on 13th Dec! Remember my present ya everyone! LOL


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T A N said...


keep shoooting fellow photographer!


Jason Law said...

arrhhh...DSLR T___T...i want..!

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

WAH!!!! siao one!!! so many!!!! gv me gv me.. @.@

ET女子 said...

hahahaha~~~ congrate~~
ur D80 is ur wife, my D80 is my hubby~~
anyway , how much u bought?
haha, i oso wont tel my parent the real price.
(u can find there was no total price mention in my tread, i scare my mum read it) XD

vialentino said...

how much u got it for?

Ning said...

happy earlied bday wheeehaha =D

Edward said...

Fren! Is too early send u a wish.. . Still few hrs to go. haha... . Hey, now is economic down turn. beware ur budget lol ...