Monday, December 29, 2008

Where is my Broga Hill ?!

Few days ago, i saw some nice sunrise's photo in a blogger's page.
It is Broga Hill in Semenyih. So, i asked my dad how can i get there & bla bla bla.
Last nite, i think already 12am+, my dad ask whether want to go Broga Hill to shoot sunrise or not? hahaha..Im so excited and ask a few buddy to join, but all of them can't make it...somemore it is too late to ask.
So, only my dad, younger brother & me.
We go mamak at 2am+ ! LOL.... This time daddy do some crazy stuff with us! LOL

After reach home, we are not sleep. Daddy surfing in my bedroom and i get ready with my cameras & tripods! I bring CPL filter somemore to get nice sky photo.
We leave our house at 4.30am without sleep! Hahahahaha
Finally, we reach Broga at 5.50am.
We have no fear even it is so so dark and nobody there! Because my dad hike many mountains before like Gunung Tahan, Gunung Ledang, Gunung Nuang, M'sia tallest mountain- Gunung Kinabalu & etc..
He is pro!hahahaha *yea, he is going to Gunung Kinabalu on coming April again*
We start to go up at 6am sharp.
We use torch-light all the way up. Sometimes i feel scare when i heard some weird-sound. LOL
The road is abit slippy because rainning last night.

After 1hour, we still cant see the Broga peak. I think we are lost!
And it is start raining! Damn!
Luckly my dad brought some plastic bags. so, i can pack my baby cameras and lens! Thx God! No! Thanks Dad! =)
We continue walk & walk.. and damn! We saw the Broga Peak! But it is at another side!
Goshhhhhhhhhh... We really in the wrong way!
But my dad still keep looking for any road to the peak. But failed.

My brother very tired that moment. He is jz 12 ! And he didn sleep also!
So, we turned down to the starting point.
I feel proud of my brother actually. He is young and never exercise so much but he still managed to follow us all the way up and down.

When we are 300meters from the starting area, we saw a T-junction there.
I think we took the wrong turn in the early morning. Because that time we cant see clearly also.
I think we know where is our mistake and hopefully next time we can reach the peak! hehehehe
We reached our car at 8.15am! We walked for 2hours plus! And get nothing but experience! =)
After that we went to a temple nearby to pray and have our breakfast at Broga town.

Thanks daddy so much for this trip. He bring me because he dont want i go there alone ( I told him i want go there alone to shoot sunrise.. LOL.. how stupid am I ?! ) He said he will bring me there again! T.T

Hahaha... LOVE my dad! XD

*sorry for the blurry pics. i used my handphone camera! XD


Akira 思胜 said...

No wonder so blur lar, haha... Next time bring your lovely lar...

Kuntong said...

I brought my camera.. but i jz keep it in my bag..

JeN said...

haha.. nice view leh..
but dint saw the sun rise pic

Kuntong said...

raining mana ada sunrise??? XD

Arrowouiz said...

Wow!!Great experiece!!!Never try it before~~Nice meeting you !!

MSKY said...

At least you can see a different view from most of us. Man, your dad is cool ~ hehe

Kuntong said...

Arrowouiz, nice meeting u too..haha

MSKY, haha,ya...hopefully i can reach at coming trip to thr..yes, he is 51yrs old but his heart still vry young..XD