Sunday, January 4, 2009

Broga Hill

YES! Oh~ yes!!

Finally, I reached the peak of Broga Hill!

Last week I came with my dad & brother. But we went to the wrong way.But this time we found the right way up. Hahaha...

Today my brother didn't join us. Because school reopen on the next day.But we have more people this time. My football buddy join me this time. They are David Villa & Van der Sar.. Opppppsss..NO..! Is Shangzun & Zhi Kang. Muahahahaha

My dad is the leader again.haha.We left Klang at 4.40am and reach Semenyih town around 5.45am. And we meet up with a blogger- Hocmun at there. He come with his girlfriend- Charis.

After get ready, we start to go up at 6am sharp. To make sure we don't go to the wrong way like last time, my dad keep looking for the right way. We spent around 20-30 minutes there.Thanks God. Finally we found the right way up! hehe (It is so hard to find u know..becoz 6am is so DARK! U can't see anythng that moment.. But luckly we have torch light with us la)

We used 40minutes to reach the peak.. Quite easy..But a bit slippery because there is raining before we go there.

Took quite many photos this time. But bad, cant see the sunrise. Because the cloud is too thick..haha

My cool daddy!


the couple- Charis & Hocmun



Me & Charis + Hocmun at the far right

The couple

Zhi Kang playing with my cam.
From left: Shangzun, Zhi Kang & meMalaysia boleh! hahaOn the way down
We reached our car around 9am+ . then Hocmun & Charis went back. We headed to Broga town to have our breakfast & visit to a temple nearby there. Reached home at 1pm.

A good outing. I hope the rest feel the same. =)

The temple
Will update with more photos. hahahaha


Akira 思胜 said...

Recently got few bloggers went to there too! XD

Kuntong said...

yup....tis hill become famous now..haha

Josephine said...

owh I know where! the temple got alot of statues wan right. I mean fruits statues, animals and etc right. I remember got Durian. hahahaha.. and I know there's a university nearby (:

da da ツ said...


Nice to see that you have reach to the peak.. =D

Great photo there... =)

feifei said...

congrate u were many ppl went there to take photo i oso wanna be there some day wish i have a dad like urs can bring u dad will say he rather sleep longer at home=(

Kuntong said...

Josephine, yea..u are right.. thr is a Nottingham University thr.. =)

Da Da, TQ. =)

FeiFei, maybe we can go together nxt time.. =)

Chobits said...

Hehe i am here to leave you positive comments again haha~ XD
I am looking forward to see your sun rise pic ohh~ Where is Broga Hill? Can see beautiful scenery?

Kuntong said...

Chobits, wohoh! so happy to see u here..XD
Sun rise ah? maybe nxt time lo...tis time cnt see beautiful sunrise...
Broga Hill in Broga la...haha..a small town in Semenyih. At the peak thr can see Broga area only...

MSKY said...

Finally you made it ! Great !

Edward said...

Lastly U manage to make it ((((.
I like the Pic No 5 and 7.

CHloe said...

yea,malaysia boleh!XD

JeN said...

all the DSIRian ...

teddY said...

Oh I've never heard of that hill before! Maybe next time I should go there for a trip as well :) not to only embrace nature and the scenic view but also to take photos, heh!

Finding your way up there in the pitch darkness of 6am is not easy!

Sakura Lai said...

my dad's hometown is at semenyih.
never tot u will noe tat place. haha.
hey,r u going 4 the march de camp??