Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hahaha.. This is the FIRST time i shoot Firework using my DSLR.

Because sometimes u saw firework, but camera not with u. Sometimes u have camera, but there is no firework for you to shoot.. Muahahahaha

But this time my malay neighbour marry, thy have fireworks just now.
At least got 5 minutes long i guess... Kaya betul~
I quickly grab my Nikon D80 and shoot without tripod (mana ada time to set up tripod? lol )
And forgot to take out my UV filter.. =.=
So, the outcome is totally like shit. =P


ET女子 said...

Did u set to BULB mode?
Normally photographer use tis mode to snap.
i oso never try snap firewrk.

Kuntong said...

never try BULB mode wor..
will try soon.=)