Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year , New Pet

2nd Jan 2009
I have a new pet!
We call it 打架鱼。Or can call it Fighting Fish in English. hahahaha
When u put a mirror beside it, it will start to fight with 'himself' in the mirror. So cute. And the colour of the fish is so so nice!
This Fighting Fish only cost me RM1.50
Easy to take care also.
Hopefully, he can accompany me when I am bored or down.

This is my yonger brother- Michael.
No more botak! Hahahahaha..
Becoz he is in Form One this year.
See....he looks more cool then me when holding my Nikon wife. =(

Shapo Yiky just passed her Undang today.

Hopefully she can get her car license soon. So I no need to drive when going out with her! Muahahahahahaha~


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, your brother will be the next professional photographer like you... Hehe...

renaye said...

wah fighting fish. i like their colours and my friend has like 10 of this fish.

Kuntong said...

Akira, hopefully. hahaha

Renaye, yupp...i like their colours too..

Bell's said...

wow!! small boy with BIG camera !
wanna be a pro-photographer?

Qoo said...

i like their colour too~~~
but i dun like fish ==

Shiveeleaves said...

sell him your d80! :P

RyNn-RyNn ^.^v said...

my fighting fish was nicer than urs la. XP
mine the tail was bigger and its a sun-tailed than ur moon-tailed! Hahaha...i saje wan buat kacau here la. blek~

Kuntong said...

Qoo,y dun like fish? ==

Darren, no way, i will cry..kakakaka

Rynn, ..... speechless. haha