Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jogoya before CNY

Today, went to Jogoya eat buffet again. Muahahahaha
Went there with Lye, Lye's gf, Tony, Meng, and two Taiwanese supervisors. Lye said this is our year end meal (Chinese Year) . *banyak mahal leh.....after tax around RM90 >.< *
I lazy to capture those food using my K810i, just eat eat eat & drink drink drink. hahaha
They said i ate a lot.. Very worth it. hahaha

Last time i like all the food very much. But duno why this time feel like the food very less choices.. And not really nice. haha

After makan for 3hrs plus, we went Pavillion to collect our car.
The CNY's decoration there very nice leh..And i saw many dSLR user there snap snap snap..make my hand gatal...I leave my camera at home. Regret sial~
Anyway, my skill + my K810i still can capture some nice photos right? wakakakakaka
After reach Klang, went to computer shop get a set of CPU Joystick at RM80. Because just install Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. ^^
End of crap... Good night!


Akira 思胜 said...

I always wanted to go Jogoya lor, but the price there is very very expensive lor...

Josephine said...

Wah, u very rich loh!
I have been there once nia. Some more i was the one who "mai dan". Stingy Josephine 'Mai dan" wor!!! Sure heart pain lah.

h0cmun said...

Pro Evolution Soccer yes!
i used to play that game and liked it!

Chobits said...

Har? Not nice already ar? I am going to eat for company dinner tonight ohh.. =.=

Josephine said...

fuyoh!~ jogoya again? hahaha I'm going for japanese buffet for reunion dinner. Saisaki if you heard it before. hahahaha

josephinecsy (haha didn't know there's another Josephine you knew. hahaha)

Edward said...

Hey Kawan! New look on ur blog. Gd.
Chinese New Year Just a corner. "Gong Xi Fa Cai" ya.

独侠令狐冲 said...

Till now i haven't been to Jagoya >< what a shame to myself