Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Handsome PC

After holiday for 2 weeks and start back working, it makes me more lazy eventhough there is no much work in my working place.
So, I try...try to update my blog more often...hopefully my regular-readers didn't run away. =P

Ya, i just got my new computer last week from Nova 10 IT Station .
They gave me a great price with great spec. ^^
Buy from them if u need any computer items.. XD

Now my old pc belong to my daddy .(sold to him at Rm500, he untung laa..) hahahaha

This is my handsome computer. =P
  • Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB Ram
  • 500GB HDD
  • 19" Samsung LCD
  • SonicGear ego 3nity Audio System
  • Pleomax Keyboar & Mouse Combo

ALL for RM1700+ only!!! (maybe this is a special price bcoz this shop belong to my ex-classmate's sister) haha

My friend told me this spec need around 2k-3k in market wor...

I love this pc! becoz it is FAST, the LCD is great. =P
Will start learning more about photo editing after have tis PC. =)
I am OFFICIALLY broke now.
No money to buy car.
No money to buy house.
No money to buy camera.
No money to to buy lens.
No money to buy speedlight.
No money to dating.
No money to buy petrol.
No money to buy food. XD
No money to to marry. Wahahahahahaha


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice pc ler! I also wanna change a pc soon! XD

高小歪 said...

no money no life T_T

Kuntong said...

change change...vry cheap now..haha

da da ツ said...

wow... i like your previous pc wallpaper...

very nice.... ^^

Kuntong said...

da da, thnx...=)
i hv post the pic in my previous post..(Broga Hill)

da da ツ said...

kuntong... haha...
ya... there i also got puji you..
keke... great photo =D

Window 7 have release its second beta...with your new handsome pc...
maybe you can install that ba...

then your pc will become super perfect already... LOL