Thursday, June 4, 2009

Uncle's Wedding @ Pahang

Finally, YW uncle married. hahaha
He is my mum's uncle's son. LOL
Not so close rirght? Then u are wrong, when he finished Form 5 in Pahang, he came here to study in college. So he start to stay at our house. Until year of 2006, we moved to our new house, this unlce stop following us. That mean he stay with us around 15 years. Thats why we are so close to him.
All of us except my lil. bro went Pahang to attend his wedding.
I am there to be his official photographer. LOL
But the photos is bad I know. =(


Kai and Baobei said...

eh, can ah, u got the happening scenes wat :O who said not nice?

raine said...

haha..congratz to them.. i love seeing ppl get married.. ~~

fufu said...

coke??? hahahha
well i like the first picture!! nice nice nice nice.... very nice lah my friend!!

Kuntong said...

Kai, i said not nice. hahax.. thnx

Raine, lol, cepat-cepat get a bf leh...whn u wedding i can help u out.. LOL

fufu, Thy have to drink coke before go in. haha... 1st pic? haha...thank so much...

feifei said...

bro some of ur photos look overexposure for me....e.g last 1 n the 1 came down from stairs 1...over still nice...u got the nice angles

xuanz said...

i also went wedding last few days ^^
hmm, my fren's cousin be ur model i noe lo ^