Sunday, June 14, 2009


Story 1:

I saw horses
Horses ran toward a 'horse'
The 'horse' hold my hand try to run away
The 'horse' scared horses

Dream? Crapping? Hahaha

Story 2:

When finish work, I'm going to collect my car.
Another car park behind my car.

Me: Aunty, the XXX is ur car ah?
Aunty: Ya, why?
Me: Please remove it. I am going back.
Aunty: Ohhh... (and she keep doing her tikam buisness)

after 3minutes

Me: Aunty, can u please remove ur car first?
Aunty: What? that is not my car.
Me: ..................

(sial.... she is not far to stay in hospital i guess)

Story 3:

SY: Can I back home 10pm?
Me: Why?
SY: Coz my boyfriend have a birthday party, and he is going to NS soon.
Me: Why yesterday dun tell me?
SY: Today only I know he birthday.
Me: ..........

(harlo...boyfriend birthday today only u know? lol... bad story to cheat)

Thats all. I thought I got many story to tell.

Anyway, just crapping out some lame story happened on me yesterday.


summer said...

第二個最好笑~一定很氣人吧?啊哈哈~have a nice weekend~:)

Josephine said...

u had a bad day...
Good luck!
tomolo will be a better day!

Qoo said...

冷笑话 ==

Florence said...

wa tmr bday,,,today oni get to noe her bf bday.,..geng =.=''

Florence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-Or@nGe橘子- said...

really let tat aunty n ur fren zadao
bf birthday wo...= =

Ning said...

the aunty busy selling tikam, u go kakacaucau then she mar cincai entertain u laa xD

Akira 思胜 said...

Your friend donno her bf birthday? Haha, weird lar!

Sakura Lai said...

actully story 3
i gt into the sitution b4
but i more worse
on tat day oni his frenz oni tell me tat
"hey,2day is bf b'day.wat u gonna gv him??"

dreamydolls said...

hie, i'm new here and saw ur joke... and i guess ur fren don mean to lie to u.. maybe she just know her bf that day le..

kimhaur said...

without photo reli weird,haha
sudah biasa urblog got photo~