Monday, June 29, 2009

My handsome photos

Had a photoshoot at Putrajaya yesterday. The sweet Pei Wern cant make it at last minute. But the lovely Samantha join us at the very very last minute also. Hahahahaha
For me, the photoshoot is bad. I am damn tired because jz slept for 1 hour that night before the photoshoot plus driving all the way to Cheras and then head to Putrajaya for 2 hours. It is damn so long, maybe I duno the road well. And the weather thr is freaking hot!! I think the models had a sunburn. lol
I keep shooting at the same place, because the hot weather make us lazy to drive to other nicer places. Thats why, all the photos is same background. LOL
Anyway, there is many FIRST TIME in this photoshoot.
  • Beng Wai shoot with his newly bought: Nikon 135mm f2 DC
  • Kim with his Minolta 50mm f1.7
  • 2 Models
  • Play CLS with two flashguns
  • Less than 200 photos i shoot

All this photos I got it from Kim and Beng Wai. Will post mine very soon.

To Kai and Hitomi and who else that never see my real face. Nah... This is me. ' Handsome ' right??? hahahaha... Next time don't complain never see my 'handsome' face liao. Woahahahaha



Akira 思胜 said...

Ya, u are quite handsome in the photos ya... :p

Kuntong said...

' Handsome ' not handsome. =P

Florence said...

aha finally can c ur muka ! XD

Kuntong said...

Florence, actually i got post before.. u all didn read and see probally jek.. =(

Kai and Baobei said...

nah ~ where got complain ~ just want to make sure ma :P nxt time can recog u if met on street ma aiyo ~ XD

Kuntong said...

Kai, u happy lor after i post my 'handsome' photo.. hahaha.. seriously, i dun think we will meet. Coz u always go hi-class de place.. =P

-Or@nGe橘子- said...

wow wow wow~~ who is de handsome guy in de pic a??
can intro?? lolx

Kuntong said...

Orange, when u takda bf hor.. u come find me.. I intro for u! wakakakaka

Josephine said...

cute face!
show more next time ok?

Kuntong said...

Josephine, cute??????????? lol . u r the 1st 1 say im cute. haha.. show more? no way shy. >.< hahaha

Qoo said...

who's is girl at the last pic?

finally see you in real face!!!
haha everytime use your camera cover your face ==

Kuntong said...

Qoo, the gal is San Ni, our model, NOT my girl. hahahaha
coz i feel my camera handsome thn my face ma... tats y use it to cover my face lo... XD

kimhaur said...

hahah,post many of ur handsome photo wehhh~~~not bad not me inside when u wanna post ur photo ?

Kuntong said...

Kimhaur, ya, u are the ghost at my back...hahaha.. err..maybe 2nite or 2moro..

明伟 said...


Kuntong said...

明伟, 谢谢...这是第一次。我相信还可以更好~

feifei said...

cant wait ur outcome!!!!!fast fast fast

Kuntong said...

feifei, hahaha...not nice de wor...dun expect too much..

hibiscus 晶 said...

the last photo. I went there before.

Kuntong said...

hibiscus 晶 , it is Putrajaya, near the mosque thr.. thr is a lake..

hibiscus 晶 said...

ya, i went there before the last photo of this article. I stand tat place before just like the girl standing there. hahah

Kuntong said...

hibiscus, wah...icic.. u remember so well. muz be wit ur love 1?! hahaha

Qoo said...

hahaha KNS lah you!!!
blogging such a long time
now baru show ur face!
i tot tat one is ur gf~
i seldom put ur gf's pic here.

Qoo said...

not i but U.haha

Kuntong said...

Qoo, u more KNS la... i got a post about FARM 1...i got post my face u didnt read or see ba. wakakakakaka...
nola.. not my gf...
we seldom meet, around 1 month only meet once.. meet liao also didn take photo, tats y din post her photo lo..haha

K3ViN said...

Quite nice looking wor.... Aiya.. putrajaya... i know how 2 go there lah... take less than 2 hour.... if from klang... more easy.... less that 1hour 30 min..... Next time call me lah :P

Kuntong said...

Kevin, haha..thx. i knw how to go Putrajaya from Klang also. frm Cheras to thr also knw... BUT, whn turn in the Putrajaya area hor.. the Presint wat wat wat really make me blurr. ==
u hav my hp number? gv me a sms. coz i lost my ph few months ago.

Florence said...

but always saw u oso cover with camera ? = =lll

Kuntong said...

Florence, becoz my camera more handsome. ^^

Ning said...

handsome camera *woot woot* :D

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