Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Yesterday is Father's Day.
We had an outing together. We seldom go out together sinced my sister and me start working and my lil sister start her college life in TARC.
We had our Bah Kut Teh breakfast around 11am in Klang. Then we went Morib to have a simple picnic. Hahahaha
Quite many ppl picnic here. Some kids are playing kite. Some playing water at beach.
I have no mood to play water. Becoz it is dirty and hot.
My brother playing bubble. LOL
The Big ChildrensFather and son playing kite. ( my dad n my bro. haha )Monkey mummy

The overexposed
Then we headed to Batu Laut Seafood restaurant to have our DINNER at 4pm.
Why so early for dinner?
because I have to go work at 6pm. sigh

I like outing with my family. Spend the time with them is great. =)

Happy Father's Day.


K3ViN said...

Soooo poor Father days also need to work? How was yesterday? have fun? just do what u need to do.... Treat your father well, dont like me, wan to do also dont have chance to do now..... sign~~~~

Kuntong said...

Kevin, aiya... funfair everyday open 1...hv toi work ma... yea, we had fun. dun be sad la dude. cheer. =)

summer said...

i plan to go morib with my dad too~but we didnt go at last~:(
anyway , the big children are so cute~

Kai and Baobei said...

luckily i din go, if not u will shoot my si tru shirt and nice body, hahahaha ~

Qoo said...



kimhaur said...

go eat bakkut teh o~哈哈~
long time no see you ah

Sakura Lai said...

u gd la
hv gd time
me just dinner oni
ur sis study at TARC
wat course??
cn intro??
me oso study at TARC

Kuntong said...

Summer, ya ah? if u really go. i dont think i can recognise u.. haha... the big children? u mean the old couple or the boy playing bubble?

Kai, Those place u will go de meh??? if u go i dunwan shoot u also la... i wan shoot ur baobei. =P

Qoo, 那个啊?我弟弟咯...有兴趣吗?哈哈哈哈

Kimhaur, we dun like BKT much... duno y will go for BKT also. lol... aiyo, u didnt asj me out also. how to meet? get a model la... we go photoshoot ^^

Sakura, dinner is good enough wat? =) my sis ah? 1990 one... she study ZMultimedia & Design. u?

Kai and Baobei said...

eh, any place also ngam me la ~ as long as escape from office :P

K3ViN said...

I used to it lioa.... Last time even more worst lah..... i cant even listen to any ad regarding father in radio.. it will make me sad and wanna cry.....

Sakura Lai said...

but tis year de dinner,too simply liao
same year with ur sis
but i study tourism de