Thursday, September 4, 2008

Port Dickson Part 1

Lazy to update recently. Maybe im too tired.
Tat day i went PD in 5am morning, reach home at 8pm+.
Exhausted and tired. and DAMN, a phone call frm company ask me go back and OT. OT till 3am+, reach home around 4am. Have bath, thn sleep for 2 hours and go working again!
Try to imagine, how TIRED is that?
I hate ....................... but i need the salary. haha
Yesterday, skip OT (tq Mr Lye).
rush to Subang Bestari for a Kids photography season.
My FIRST ever pay job in photography in my life!
hahahaha.. Thanks Ms Nurul for giving me this chance! TQ so so much! (will ask permission frm her to post sum pics here)
and ya.. this Sat n Sun hv to working.
cnt go Botanic to attend the Lantern Festival Event. sighhhhhh
more PD's pic coming ....


Akira 思胜 said...

I love the 2nd photo, the sunlight is so nice!

Kuntong said...

Thank u, Akira.

K3ViN said...

nice picture... i like it :P

Kuntong said...

Kevin, Thanks!!!! =)

gAbe said...

hey actually ur photography quite nice u know...

Kuntong said...

Nice to hear tat..
Thanks Gabe! =)

Rintjez said...

nice pictures you have :) great job!