Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 week Raya's holiday

my project (my job) had finished about 90%
so, no more Overtime. haha
u know? my OT for this month is about 130hours ! Geng ma? hahahahahaha
really tired to doing this project. hopefully have a good outcome.

and yea.. im start my 1 week raya holiday from now!
hopefully no emergency call frm company to go back working. *amitabha*

Im back to normal life again.
No need OT till 12am midnight again.. huhuhuh~
and just now i went mamak watch football. ya, this is the life i wan! LOL

2moro, wat else?
Back to my padang and play football for sure! (about 3-4months didn touch a ball already)
somemore my foot have a bit injury.

12th Oct, New Balance 12km Run.
No training lagi... mati lo~


Akira 思胜 said...

1st thing, goals for MU!!! Yeah!!! Hehe.. I watched the match too...

Glad to have you back, enjoy the life ya!

Kuntong said...

MU win 2-0

K3ViN said...

off 4 1 week? sooo nice... on 1st to 4th oct i have to work but lucky i can claim 2 day replacement leave lor..... hope nothing happen lor :P