Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buffet Lunch @ Genji Restaurant

(hmmm..Sony K810i's camera not as good as i thought)

Today...Ah Lye, Healty n Lye's GF and me went Genji Restaurant in Hilton Hotel (Petaling Jaya).

It is a Japanese Restaurant. We had our lunch buffet there.
hmmm... the decoration and eviroment is great! 5 star!
the food quite ok for me. But Japanese style are not my taste. I prefer spicy food. hahahahaha
The foods thr are very fresh. I had some raw Salmon slice, Oyster and some sushi.

The Tempura and Grilled meat is hot! Everyone line up for that! hahaha

It is RM72 per pax. and damn, a Ice Lemon Tea cost RM16. (but, buy 1 free 1 la...haha)
This is the most expensive lunch i had before, it is about RM90+
Im not rich, but we must give some reward to ourself after the hardwork right?
Work hard, Enjoy hard. =)


Akira 思胜 said...

Yer, made me hungry lar... i wanna eat too!

Edward Heah said...

Hey! u only spend not more than 10% VS your OT claim for 130++ Hrs.
I think it's should be ok! At least u know work life balance! hehe

Kuntong said...


K3ViN said...

wah tat much more cheaper then jayoga wor... u know at jagoya... one person aleast RM100+++ leh... tat one RM90 consider cheap lioa lor... somemore the food look yummy nia... lau nua lioa

Kuntong said...

look yummy, but no yummy whn u eat.