Monday, September 15, 2008

NTV7 Lantern Festival Concert @ Botanic Klang

1 week old's post! haha... LAZY again.. somemore the streamyx connection are pretty SUCXXXX and im quite busy with my job too.

Ntv7 hv a little concert in Botanic Klang to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival aka Lantern Festival aka Mooncake festival.
bad, it is a raining night. just a few kitty turn up..haha.. but im among those kitty. LOL
Ntv7 hv live show about tis concert too.
i brought my Kodak 12X Zoom tat day.. coz i knw my baby D40 cnt zoom that far... hehek
some photos here for share.
Enjoy and Happy Belated Mooncake Festival to all...!
Take Care.
and yea, Pulau Ketam post coming soon.....................but, no ketam photo again! LOL

Raining...not a big dealDesErrr...her name is.........? damn,FORGOT!Daniel Lee!Wen Li Ming?Guo HuiLam Poh Yee! Hong Kong big star!


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, so many artists gathered around there! It must be fun!

Kuntong said...

haha..somemore i got the chance to stand so close to the stage...
but raining, no much ppl turn tat high

BeverLy's Secret said...

Her name is "xin yi"... She is my friend.. don't forget her again ya!! If not i have to cane you d :p

Kuntong said...

oh ya... Xin yi!
ok..remember forever! hehek
she really ur fren ah?

K3ViN said...

yup i saw this repeat program when i get home to my rented house on tat nite rea;;y a nice program..... nice picture also