Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Wu PART 2

continue from PART 1.

Today my supervisor come late.
and before my spvr come, this fella come n bark on me AGAIN!
he said i scold his BANGLA. LOL *sorry, i wont simply scold ppl
and he ask me to BECAREFUL. *pity me, im so scare!

keep ur fcking ass face. and shut ur unbrushed mouth.
i wonder y he keep barking on me n try to bully me.
im working here for 9months, he is a 9 yrs dog at here.
see.... he learn how to bully n bark on new worker for this 9 years.
damn shit.


Akira 思胜 said...

Aiya, just think a dog is barking at there...

K3ViN said...

haha as i say.. he will looking 4 trouble again.... just becarefull and all ur work done... he cant do anything on u if u have done everything

Edward Heah said...

halo! Mr Wu Here! hahhaha
Hey where r u working actually?