Sunday, May 11, 2008

Xiao Tian Tian's Birthday & Putrajaya Midnight Run was Xiao Tian Tian's Bday last night ( Ah Meng's GF ) . Both of them also my colleague. so, she hv her bday party at E-song Ktv in Sentosa. all d guest r frm my company. i think around 15 ppls thr. i just knw few of them. haha (becoz im SHY, i seldom talk to my colleague {others department} ) LOLx

Karaoke, Soft drinks, French Fries, Potato Chips, Fried Chicken Wings, and d most important 1- ALCHOHOL. got beer, wine, n Vodka thr. i jz took a little bit of alchohol, bcoz i knw i cnt drink, n after d party im going to Putrajaya to see ppl running in the night. XD

The Birthday Girl with her Boyfriend

Colleagues tat i duno their name. XD

so, d party finish at 2am. after send 2 of my colleagues bck. i heading to Putrajaya at 2.15am. hahahahaha.. i knw im crazy!

Reach thr around 2.50am, sum of the road r blocked, it make me crazy to get d starting point. after 30mins rounding thr, finally i saw Ms HAZA - The Running Mom are running, so i stop my car infront of her and take her photo. she told me i make her scared (maybe she duno im going tat night and sum1 stop d car infront of her at 3am, if tat is me, i also will scared la rite? haha) thn i asked her whr d starting point, she said jz infront. owh~ thanks God, finally i found the Palace of Justice! (the starting point)

Tis run is d preparation for the Sundown Marathoon in Singapore (start at midnight). so, thy try to run in d midnight b4 go to Singapore.

After tis i driving around to take sum photo. becoz it is DARK. i cnt get any clear shoot. aaaaaarrhhh!!! hate it.

i saw my dad, Uncle Lee, Aunty Chi, Ms Gan, Calvin, Ms Leong and etc tat nite.

so, d run finish at 4.30am. sum of thm completed 30km, sum less thn tat i thnk. thn v going bck at5am+. after sent Calvin home. i reach home at 6.10am! i hv my bath, thn JUMP onto my bed n sleepppppppppp.


The bridge?

The End.


Chobits said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you friend "xiao tian tian". So sweet her name,let me think of the comics call "xiao tian tian", hehe~

Wow~ Why don't you join the marathon too? Hehe, i joined 10km "Larian with Bomba" at Dataran Merdeka yesterday. Hope to see you join too one day. >.< ar..still sleep so late? Have to sleep early ma coz you just recover from your sickness.

Kuntong said...

oh. thnks. lol.
i forgot her real name ady. thy call her xiao tian tian, so, i jz follow lo.. hahax.

no way. marathon vry tough leh. summore i hv no money go Singapore. haha.
err...mayb la.. wil run my 1st marathon wit u sum day. haha
June got a run in Klang. hope u r coming. coz i wil take part. =)

aiyo..biasa slp late liao.. cnt change leh..
anyway, thanks for ur concern. =)

Akira 思胜 said...

Happy Belated Birthday to ur friend ya... Wish her all the best~~~

U din run marathon? hehe, I wish to run with Chobits one day! that's part of my goals to achieve...