Friday, May 9, 2008


i fall sick badly since last Sunday
Sunday: working (OT) *dizzy*fever*stomachache*
Monday: rest at home
Tuesday: go see doctor & rest at home
Wednesday: go working, but very uncomfortable, colleague send me go to see doctor, then back home after lunch time
Thursday: rest at home
Friday: i'm back to working and im fine =)


Chobits said...

Haha, the cartoon drawing is cute, you drew it?

Ohno, you have been sick for one week. Poor boy..T_T

Seems very serious but fortunately you recover. Hope everything is fine now. Drink a lot of water k, take good care of yourself k.

Kuntong said...

ya. i drew it. but, no cute la wei. it is lame. i draw it coz i hv ntg to do whn im sick. haha

yalo.. quite serious.. 3 days unpay leave! gahh! rugi banyak wang la wei... T_T

ok.. i wil take k myself.. thanks. =)