Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Like iT!

(original image without editing, except Resize & add my link thr)

since my dad bought a new Digital camera for himself last month. he always PLAY with it. n ALWAYS ask me to upload his photos frm his camera to my pc! haha
for the latest photos in his cam, i found tis 2 (above) photo .
it is NICE! (for me)
i jz simply like it!
i LOVE d colour of the sky!!!!
do u know? tis 2 photos taken by my dad whn he is on his way bck frm office.
he stop on d highway jz to snap the nice scene!
yup..he love photography! he got a Film SLR camera too.. but he is not using is for a long time d. whn im free nxt time, i will post his Canon SLR here.. haha =P
i love photography also becoz of HIM! haha (last time in secondary school, all my chinese classmate are joinning Persatuan Bahasa Cina, only ME , join d Kelab Fotografi! sum of thm always jeer me too. =(


Chobits said...

Wow, your dad is really great at shooting! I love to take photos too but technique not good, haha~ >.<

Adrian said...

wow...nice picture...
nice sunset too...
or is it a sunrise ?? xD

Kuntong said...

u keep shooting lo.. thn wil become better n better. =)

haha ..thanks..
sunset la weiiiiiiiiii... ><