Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Niu Year- The Third Day

This is the post about the third day.
Where is the second day? haha..i skip it..coz thr is nothing to post. coz we stay at home whole day...Only relatives come to visit us.

The 3rd day, went a few relative's house. And nothing special happen.
U know 1 la... CNY is same every year. haha

At night, we had our Goh's family dinner at Coconut Flower Seafoods Restauant (椰花园) in Telok Gong. Very famous i guess.. Many KL ppls also come over here to try their seafood..
Thats why we have to waited so long to get the table and foods.

p/s: The fourth day also finished..will update soon...

p/s 2: My younger bro fall down and a bit of crack on his left hand..wrapped with cement (duno how to explain.. @.@ )

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Niu Year- The First Day

New Year...The Ox Year..
Everything start with praying the God.In the morning, mummy make the 'tang yuan' for us (requested by dad) .
First time i eat 'tang yuan' in Chinese New Year. hahahahaWe went grandfather's house at noon (mother side)
Got many 'Ang Pow' ..hehehek
And im the 'official' photographer for sure... LOL

This is my family portrait. =)And this is the big big big family portrait. ^^

Happy "Niu" Year everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

FGS Dong Zhen Temple - Jenjarom

FGS Dong Zhen Temple is a famous temple now. A lot of photographer went thr to take photos during CNY period.
And today is the first day thy open for public to celebrate the CNY in 2009.
Dunno the what Menteri Kebudayaan n Tan wat wat came here today. Banyak reporter and photographer weiiiii...
and thr is a female photographer(newspaper) asked my fren n me pose for her...haha
dunno tomorrow can see myself in newspaper or not...

I think i will go again this few day. Becoz not satisfy yet..
Any photography lover wan to join me? DSLR, PnS, or hp camera also can la..
Join me leh..i dunwan shoot alone. =(

MyFM & Astro hv countdown concert thr tis Sunday. I want go!! But have to pray at home at 12am lehhhhhhhhhh¬ how?!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jogoya before CNY

Today, went to Jogoya eat buffet again. Muahahahaha
Went there with Lye, Lye's gf, Tony, Meng, and two Taiwanese supervisors. Lye said this is our year end meal (Chinese Year) . *banyak mahal leh.....after tax around RM90 >.< *
I lazy to capture those food using my K810i, just eat eat eat & drink drink drink. hahaha
They said i ate a lot.. Very worth it. hahaha

Last time i like all the food very much. But duno why this time feel like the food very less choices.. And not really nice. haha

After makan for 3hrs plus, we went Pavillion to collect our car.
The CNY's decoration there very nice leh..And i saw many dSLR user there snap snap snap..make my hand gatal...I leave my camera at home. Regret sial~
Anyway, my skill + my K810i still can capture some nice photos right? wakakakakaka
After reach Klang, went to computer shop get a set of CPU Joystick at RM80. Because just install Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. ^^
End of crap... Good night!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Header after 1 year plus

After using the old header for 1 year plus, now is the time for me to change a new header.
Im suck on editing..i duno how to use photoshop...jz create it with Irfanview & Paint. wakakakakaka
All the animals above i shooted in a temple in Broga, Semenyih.
Im here to wishing all my readers:
Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Good luck. =)

Broga Hill - Part 3 (End)

Ok..This is the part3 of Broga Hill (End)
U can see many photographer go there take photos.Top of the world. XDOn the way down. big is the leafAfter had our breakfast at Broga town, we went to the temple.

Friday, January 16, 2009



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Handsome PC

After holiday for 2 weeks and start back working, it makes me more lazy eventhough there is no much work in my working place.
So, I try...try to update my blog more often...hopefully my regular-readers didn't run away. =P

Ya, i just got my new computer last week from Nova 10 IT Station .
They gave me a great price with great spec. ^^
Buy from them if u need any computer items.. XD

Now my old pc belong to my daddy .(sold to him at Rm500, he untung laa..) hahahaha

This is my handsome computer. =P
  • Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB Ram
  • 500GB HDD
  • 19" Samsung LCD
  • SonicGear ego 3nity Audio System
  • Pleomax Keyboar & Mouse Combo

ALL for RM1700+ only!!! (maybe this is a special price bcoz this shop belong to my ex-classmate's sister) haha

My friend told me this spec need around 2k-3k in market wor...

I love this pc! becoz it is FAST, the LCD is great. =P
Will start learning more about photo editing after have tis PC. =)
I am OFFICIALLY broke now.
No money to buy car.
No money to buy house.
No money to buy camera.
No money to to buy lens.
No money to buy speedlight.
No money to dating.
No money to buy petrol.
No money to buy food. XD
No money to to marry. Wahahahahahaha