Thursday, July 31, 2008

Public PEE-ing


we did tis during the camp, last Sunday.


damn... 200+ staffs in my company hv to DONATE RM21 to company for toilet repairing!!!

Reason: some toilets are clogged and nobody report to Supervisor.

damn it...every1 have to pay! 250 x RM21 = RM5250

sorry my RM21. the stupid SHIT HOLE had grab u away..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


haha. First time gt tagged.
it is frm Mr. Adrian!
1. Six people to tag
iv. Akira
vi. Reann
2. Six things I'm passionate about.
i. Photography
ii. Online ( MSN, Forum, Blogspot...)
iii. Football ( playing or watching will do..)
iv. Eat
v. Hang out with friends
vi. Listen to music
3. Six things I say too often.
i. harh?
ii. apa?
iii. hahahahahaha
iv. woi!
v. ma de
vi. really?
4. Six books I've read recently.
i. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
ii. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
iii. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
iv. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
v. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
vi. SORRY. i never touch a book after SPM.
5.Six songs I can listen to again and again.
i. Yesterday
ii. Cai Hong
iii. Better In Time
iv. Someone Watching Over Me
v. Superstar
vi. Because of U
6. Six things I learnt in the last year.
i. How to love some1
ii. Enjoy life
iii. Photography
iv. Management of time
v. Save money (haha)
vi. Blogging

Sunday, July 27, 2008

再出发 @ Selesa Hill Resort

signed up for tis 2Days 1 Night camp last week. never take part in tis kind of camp before tis. i wonder wat the feeling, the joy and who will i meet.
tis camp organized by a team frm Klang. and the venue was in Selesa Hill Resort in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.
the 1st day was raining. some outdoor game had canceled.
but we enjoy very very much the indoor games too.
good job ORGANIZER! well done!
the 2nd day we had Treasure Hunt and some games too.
finally my teams (Orange) managed to get the 4th place out of 6 teams.
well done frm all the group members! i miss all of u! yea, i really mean it!
i miss all my housemates, the organizer team members, the camp participants..
i miss all of u.
without any 1 of u, tis camp wont be so successful and joyful.
feeling damn sad whn it is time to say goodbye. i cant even smile during the last game. i know i gonna miss all of u.
hopefully, a new camp are coming soon. and all of u will come bck again.
Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
Under one roof
Sunday Morning
Xiao Wei & Kun
Xiao Jin & Kun
Kun & Yoice
Kun + Rong Hui (Leader of Orange's Team)
Pretty Babes & 4 eyes blackie. XD
Happy Moment ( i miss it! T_T )

F4 ? XD
Orange's Team

Last Day with all of u

Group Photo (WITHOUT ME! T_T )

The Endless

Saturday, July 26, 2008


new spect!
D.O.B = 22nd July 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

林保怡 + 廖碧儿 + 张祖诚

林保怡 + 廖碧儿
Bowie Lam + Bernice Liu


last Saturday,having Dimsum buffet with my colleagues as breakfast
then go JJ Greenbox for 4hrs KTV.

and Sunday,went Pulau Ketam wit Ah Hoe, thn go JJ Bkt Tinggi.. we saw Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Bernice Liu (廖碧儿). know thm? ya, thy are Hong Kong stars..
thn we saw Vick - 张祖诚 ( 1st Season Malaysian's Idol Top 5 if im not mistaken)
after tat, send Ah Hoe bck Jenjarom. thn dated LS and XY out.we went Pantai Morib and tooks about 200+ shoots.. LS like the photoz tat i took. hehe =)

anyway, will upload the othrs photos soon...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Im Back?

it is almost 2 weeks i didn update my blog.
coz i cnt do the connection. virus i thnk.
after deleted many rubbish in my pc. now i gt the connection bck d. hahax!

hav many photo wan to upload n share wit u all.
but, not tis time. sabar yaaaaa..hehe

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Damn lahhhhhh DAMN!

damn..writing tis post in cyber cafe. (i hate to come here, i HATE smokers!)
my streamyx cnt gt d connection since last night. today still d same.
gosh...i really cnt live without Streamyx!
already report to TM, hope will get the connection bck asap.

and 1 more thing, my sim card!
cnt found the Digi Centre last nite. wasted my petrol...haha
and go again today, found it, but DAMN, already TUTUP! sighhhhhhh...
will go again tomoro to replace my simcard. hope can make it...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

I get the Adidas Backpack!

i sleep at 2.30am, have to wake up at 5.30am follow daddy go Taman Rakyat jogging..then take part in a charity run called-
Larian Kemanusian Tabung Bencana Nargis & Sichuan

but, i am too tired and keep sleep after my dad awake me at 5.40am.
luckily, i wake up at 6.45am! haha.. quickly brush teeth, and put my contact lens on. thn rush to Taman Rakyat for the charity run.

i register there and donated RM10 only...haha
i got a lucky draw number- 0037
never bother about it..and i also duno charity run also got lucky draw 1..hahaha
then, the run gun-off at 8am sharp.
thy say only 3km, so, i jz try to run as fast as i could. but, very tired. coz long time never run liao...haha
after the run, all of thm said it is not 3km. it is longer thn tat .(tats y la.. i run like hell. hahahahx)
i finished the run wit Ms Khoo =) *whn im going to overtake her at 200meters before the finishing line, she ask me dun do tat.and ask me to finish it with her together..and yes, i did. XD . hahaha*

im in white shirt! hahax. which 1? LOLX

after make the U-turn!

after the run finish. a pretty sweet lady blocked me and ask whether can have a short interview with me or not. haha. for sure, the answer is NO PROBLEM! haha

she is from Bernama News. too bad, after the run im still blurr. i answered her question like crap... dun care la... maybe my face gonna show in tv or any local newspaper soon.. or maybe NO. hahahhaha

after tat, Lucky Draw time arrived! it was about 30 hampers, 5 Figo's Shoe Bag, 4 Lotto Backpack, and 4 Adidas backpack.

only got 100+ people thr.. i think i had a big chance to win something..

but, hampers finished, shoe bags finished, lotto bags finished, adidas bags left one. *im thinking- habis liao less ppl i also have no LUCK to win any item! *

ok, the last number for the lucky draw! the guys called 003.....

i shouted 7. becoz my number is 0037. and every1 are nervous, coz tis Adidas Backpack worth RM100+ . and YES!!!!!


goooooooossssssssshhhhhh! it is my number! woooooohoooo.. i put up my hand and shouted " Yessssssssssss!!! " in the public... hahahhaha..really, tat is not me. im gone crazy tat moment! hahahaha

the fellow said i won, coz i wearing Adidas shirt tat moment ma..hahahhax.

damn damn Happy! coz i won the Grand Prize! hahahahhahax

balik rumah happily... and im going to Greenbox sing K with my colleagues. manatahu Lye have to go office do, our plan called off...=(

anyway, im still very happy today! wooooaaaahahahaha..

have Dimsum as lunch with my family. yea..Josephine come bck d.

after finish the Dimsum, go eat the Klang's most famous Cendol and Mee Rojak.

ok, finish. exhausted coz too happy. time to have a nap. =)

The End.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Carlos Queiroz exit Manchester United

Manchester United's assistant manager- Queiroz had left Man Utd for Portugal football team!

what a bad news! Queiroz is a great assistant ofr Sir Alex Ferguson (Man Utd's current manager)
a big big loss for Man Utd!

Man Utd news :“Carlos is one of the best coaches in world football," Ferguson said.

anyway, i wish all the best to this Portugal football team's Manager.
hopefully Man Utd still can stand strong in the upcoming EPL.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pulau Ketam next?

a photo by my Nokia N80. very blurr

plan to go Pulau Ketam next Saturday wit 1 of my colleague and hv some photo shooting there.
the 1st and the last time i hv been thr was im 5 or 6 years old. quite worry. duno how to take ferry and etc...
who can help or want to join me?
nobody i guess... hahax
anyway, hope i can make it. =)

Never see me in photos?

hi, readers....

seldom see me in photos in my blog rite?
cause im the 1 taking photos ma...tats y im not in the photos lo..
nvm, tis time i will post up a few shots tat took by my dad whn im in Genting. let u all see how ugly am i. hahax

Infront of doubledecker with my cousins and siblings

Before the Space Shot

Space Shot

The End.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Genting Highland

Where: Genting Highland
When: 5th of July 2008
Who: My parents, sister, brother, aunt, cousins and me (14ppls)

not riding car tis time. we try sumthng different. ya, v go by bus. haha
RM65 per pax inclu Bus service frm Bkt Tinggi Klang to Genting and back, Skyway up and down, Outdoor Theme Park. the price is quite reasonable.

but, everytime u wan to play a game, u have to queue. so, wasted a lot of time. no much time to enjoy the game.
anyway, all of us was very happy and enjoy.


Middle finger???

900+ shoots frm my D40.
many rubbish pictures..sigh..lousy angle+lousy skill
anyway, quite satisfied with some shoots la...
lagipun, tis is my 1st outing with my Nikon D40.

The End.