Friday, May 30, 2008

I have TWO Girlfriends at the same moment!

yea! i have 2 gf right now!

luckily, my 1st gf didn complain much..
she can accept her! weeeee~ im damn happy~ hehe

hoefully the relationship between my new GF and me can last long.
ya! i love her so so much right now!

29th May 2008. The day WE fall in LOVE! =)

i LOVE u - Kodak Z 712 IS


Sunday, May 25, 2008


no new post for tis few days..coz im working! Sunday working too.. damn sien and tired.
but, nxt Sunday and Saturday no working. wee~ wee~
Sat going to meet sum1. hehe
Sun got a friendly football match in the morning, and i think im going to Canon EOS Showcase in the noon ALONE at KLCC.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United ROCKZ!

Ole~ ole ole ole~ Ole~ Ole~

My dear Manchester United just won the Champions League in Moscow!

Man Utd 1-1 (after Extra Time)
Win 6-5 in Penalty shot-out!

Man Utd had turned me up-side-down!!!! LOL

Thanks Ronaldo (scored the 1st goal for Man Utd, but missed the penalty) , Van Der Sar ( the Hero, saved the Penalty shot frm Anelka), Drogba ( 'awarded a RED CARD due to his CHILDISH action.. LOL.) , Anelka (missed the Penalty kick)....

im shouting like hell in my room at 5.45 am. Sorry my dear Kun Xian, u woke up coz im jumping like monkey around. sorry... XD

goshhhh... 6am now! jz slp 2hrs+ .. time to get ready n go working!!!!
Omg~ Omg~
i gonna working up-side-down today!!!! hahahahax

(the end for my crazy reaction.. XD.)

Love You
Manchester United!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

BBQ . Steamboat Buffet

no working today, coz it is Wesak! Happy Belated Wesak to everyone.
so, go out with Lye, his gf and Healty.
v took d best roti canai in Pandamaran Jaya as our breakfast.
thn v headed to KLCC for duno wat IT showcase. it is lame , so v go to Bangsar looking for hot spring. v are lost, coz we duno d way actually. jz simply driving around.
v reach to a place calling "wat........ View Point" (i forgot d name! ) and actually we can see KL frm top of thr. but d haze jz blocked it! damn it!

View Point

after tat , finally v found a small hot-spring pool! ya, darn small hot-spring pool beside d road in Ampang ( i duno d place's name actually. haha)
v just have a looks . thn v going to Kelana Jaya for our dinner (already plan it few days ago.) . But d time was only 3pm! OMG! v have to wait..
so, we had Cendol at SS25.
thn v go to cybercafe surfing awhile. then Ah Meng come over to meet us at the restaurant.

v had our dinner at 5.30pm! haha.. it is so early!
v enjoy d meal very much! coz it is buffet! weeeee~
got BBQ, got Steamboat!
Love it! muaxs! XD
but d BBQ make our body and shirt become so oily! =(
anyway, it is a nice try!

only RM19.80 per pax!

1. Steamboat + BBQ

2. Put the butter on BBQ pan

3. Lets start! BBQ whatever u LIKE!

4. The pan are totally BURN! hahahahax

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

The CakeThe Curry MeeThe FishThe 'Photographers'Different expression.The NOTTY QingQing
The Lenglui QiQi

Where the guyz????The Mummies? Mummy?
Theng with Grandmum.
The End.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Xiao Tian Tian's Birthday & Putrajaya Midnight Run was Xiao Tian Tian's Bday last night ( Ah Meng's GF ) . Both of them also my colleague. so, she hv her bday party at E-song Ktv in Sentosa. all d guest r frm my company. i think around 15 ppls thr. i just knw few of them. haha (becoz im SHY, i seldom talk to my colleague {others department} ) LOLx

Karaoke, Soft drinks, French Fries, Potato Chips, Fried Chicken Wings, and d most important 1- ALCHOHOL. got beer, wine, n Vodka thr. i jz took a little bit of alchohol, bcoz i knw i cnt drink, n after d party im going to Putrajaya to see ppl running in the night. XD

The Birthday Girl with her Boyfriend

Colleagues tat i duno their name. XD

so, d party finish at 2am. after send 2 of my colleagues bck. i heading to Putrajaya at 2.15am. hahahahaha.. i knw im crazy!

Reach thr around 2.50am, sum of the road r blocked, it make me crazy to get d starting point. after 30mins rounding thr, finally i saw Ms HAZA - The Running Mom are running, so i stop my car infront of her and take her photo. she told me i make her scared (maybe she duno im going tat night and sum1 stop d car infront of her at 3am, if tat is me, i also will scared la rite? haha) thn i asked her whr d starting point, she said jz infront. owh~ thanks God, finally i found the Palace of Justice! (the starting point)

Tis run is d preparation for the Sundown Marathoon in Singapore (start at midnight). so, thy try to run in d midnight b4 go to Singapore.

After tis i driving around to take sum photo. becoz it is DARK. i cnt get any clear shoot. aaaaaarrhhh!!! hate it.

i saw my dad, Uncle Lee, Aunty Chi, Ms Gan, Calvin, Ms Leong and etc tat nite.

so, d run finish at 4.30am. sum of thm completed 30km, sum less thn tat i thnk. thn v going bck at5am+. after sent Calvin home. i reach home at 6.10am! i hv my bath, thn JUMP onto my bed n sleepppppppppp.


The bridge?

The End.

Friday, May 9, 2008


i fall sick badly since last Sunday
Sunday: working (OT) *dizzy*fever*stomachache*
Monday: rest at home
Tuesday: go see doctor & rest at home
Wednesday: go working, but very uncomfortable, colleague send me go to see doctor, then back home after lunch time
Thursday: rest at home
Friday: i'm back to working and im fine =)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Like iT!

(original image without editing, except Resize & add my link thr)

since my dad bought a new Digital camera for himself last month. he always PLAY with it. n ALWAYS ask me to upload his photos frm his camera to my pc! haha
for the latest photos in his cam, i found tis 2 (above) photo .
it is NICE! (for me)
i jz simply like it!
i LOVE d colour of the sky!!!!
do u know? tis 2 photos taken by my dad whn he is on his way bck frm office.
he stop on d highway jz to snap the nice scene!
yup..he love photography! he got a Film SLR camera too.. but he is not using is for a long time d. whn im free nxt time, i will post his Canon SLR here.. haha =P
i love photography also becoz of HIM! haha (last time in secondary school, all my chinese classmate are joinning Persatuan Bahasa Cina, only ME , join d Kelab Fotografi! sum of thm always jeer me too. =(


Bar-celona! 1st ever Clubbing moment in my life. (damn outdated).. wohoh!
shake it like ki xiao~
luckily no mabuk.

zzz~ nonsense!!!