Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Ice @ 100Yen

Josephine bring alice & me to 100Yen to eat Snow Ice. 1st time in her car since she gt her license last few weeks. lol
itz a heavy rain jz nw..xiao~ so cold

the ice quite nice.. coz vry smooth n tasty. =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BTboyzzz 8-1 Malay Kids

last sunday.
hd a friendly match with a malay team.
moz of our 'senior' player r bck. lol

our starting line-up:

Y.sum(17) Kuntong(10)

Calvin Kelming(4) Skx(7)

Jiming(3) Jeff(8) Lian Yik(6) Hang Wei(5)


10 vs 10, becoz thy hv no enough player..(wtf!)
Shangzun, Mutu are sub.

Stupid baka laolan's Kelming injured jz after 10min d match started.
so, shangzun replace him. XD

finally, we won 8-1.
Y.sum scored 4 goals, 2 goals frm me, Shangzun & Calvin both 1 goal.
while d opponent's goal oso scored by our team. itz a Own Goal.. haha
P/S: Mr. CHUA SHANGZUN assist 3 ball.
hahahahhaa.. he keep asking me y i didn update my blog. i knw wat he wan 2 c. LOLx. (dun kill me...XD)

tats all.. chaozzzzz~

Sunday, February 24, 2008


woke up at 10am.
went Green Box ktv in AEON Bkt Tinggi with JiMing, Skx & Jeff.
Mr. Ho didn turn up coz wake up at 12pm. sigh
frm 11am till 2pm. it jz cost us RM11 per pax. (included 1 main dish, unlimited soft drinks & salad) cheap huh..

after tat. v went Al-Ikhsan in Klang Parade.
bought a football boot for myself. ^^
Adidas Predator!!!
Latest model..
can wear it in 2moro morning football match. =)

Monday, February 18, 2008


had my dinner v my family at Pizza Hut 2nite.
itz all fattening!!!
but i still like it.. haha

thn bought a pair of jogging shoe.
so tat i can start jogging more v Healty & Ryan thm to keep fit. =)

and and and bought a small cactus to put in my bedroom for NO REASON.

KM's Birthday

16th Feb 2008 : Kel Ming 17 yrs old birthday.
bought a Nike bag for him ( share with Jeff ). attended d party v jeff n alan.
got BBQ in d party. but v no nid to bbq, her maid bbq 4 us.. so nice huh. haha ..thnx
sum little gal(secondary skul) come n play sum silly stuff v alan. mayb he looks itz funny. n 1 of d gal take d food to alan too.. Alan so 'hang fuk'.. haha
left thr at 11pm+
went mamak v Jm, Jeff, Alan, Nicholas, Chua, Henry n his gf.
saw Healty & Ah Yi v his gf thr.
few months din out 4 mamak d.. so v chit chat til 1am+.
thn JM, Jeff, Alan n me went to another mamak again.haha. to watch Mu Vs Arsenal.
Shangzun n Lhy wan to meet us.. thy walk out frm their hse at 3am+. crazy guyz. i drive 2 fetch thm in d half way. i worried thy wil get rapped sumwhr.. LOLX.. jk
Mu won 4-0. Bravo.... well done all of thm especially Fletcher, Nani, Carrick, Rooney & Anderson. =)
rch home at 4am+, slp at 5am.
thn wake up at 8am n go for futsal v BTboyz.....
nice game...since a long time nvr touched a ball..

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st day

SAVE my energy to ENJOY this New Year.
so, NO talk, JUST photos. ^^