Sunday, July 5, 2009


The friendly match, ended 1-1 .
Both team wasted many chance, especially us.
Thanks God. We won the Penalty shoot-out by 1-0.
Shangzun scored the only Goal in the match. And the only 1 penalty.
If not him, I have to hang my boots. XD

Anyway, some of my plan still have to go on.
I think it is the time for me to step down.
I will quit as the Captain in this team.
I have to focus more on my job. Time for the youngster to bring up this team.
Will have a gathering very soon. Lets vote. And lets see who is the next captain.
After the match I found that I still loving football so so much. I will keep playing. =)


BoEy said...

aiyoo..i dunu about football ler..sorry^__^

Kuntong said...

Boey, hahaha... most of the reader here also dun like ftball 1...tats y everytime i crap about ppl comment 1..hehehe

kimhaur said...


Kai and Baobei said...

我会喝酒罢了,不会踢球 ~ kekekeke

hibiscus 晶 said...

girls normally don't watch football de. They like basketball!!very YENG! loh if guys play basket ball

Kuntong said...


Kai,是咩?我不会喝酒... 但也不希望你教我~ =P

hibiscus, also can be vry YENG. u knw how many galz out thr crazy about Christiano Ronaldo or David Beckham? hahahax

Kuntong said...
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♥Quiй said...

football ?
i m0re interest in badmint0n

Kuntong said...

i also like...but long time didnt play d. form5 i am skul team.. reserve oni la..hahax

Kai and Baobei said...

那陪我们喝 .. :P