Saturday, July 18, 2009

V-snap : Broga Hill - Part 3 - Broga Jumpzz

Part 3 Part 3
This is the Broga's Jumpzzz~
My favourite part as well. Don't know why, I love to shoot jumping.
No need to search, I am not jumping that day. Bacause I am too heavy to jump. haha
Akira Jumpzz

Hip-Hop Jumpzz
Lenglui Jumpzz

猪八戒 Jumpzz
Soldier Jumpzz
V-Snap Jumpzz
Leng Zai Jumpzz

Senget Jumpzz
Y-Shape Jumpzz
Adidas Jumpzz

Crazy Jumpzz

Helicopter Jumpzz

And this is what u get if u are too heavy for helicopter jumpzz!!



小彭 said...

shit!!since when u snap i pokai photo oh???why din share out at album!!!wei yar~~~~~~~~i no need kao lui dy ==

Kuntong said...

小彭, i didnt share at Album coz i knw many ppl will go thr n see. i jz post in my blog, coz my blog no ppl come 1...dun worry.. hhehehex

♥-wanyi-♥ said...



Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, Ah Pung's photos are really "legendary"!

BoEy said...

thumbs up for the last pic...wakakakaka

天使 said...

i saw the last pic...

**y u duwan to jump?? haiyo....

橘子 said...

haha~~ too heavy jor la

wayangtimes said...

hi i have moved my website to

can u update ur blogroll pls? thanks. i have already linked to u :)

- *- 豆豆当女生 -* - said...



嘉CacinG進 said...

wahahahahaha~~ 小彭pok 到很帅咯!哈哈XD

Ewin Ee said...

wah so many jumps in broga hill!

faster bon odori post!

Josephine said...

i like 猪八戒 photo!

ET女子 said...

wahahaha~~ last 1 funny lo~~~
(shh... dun tel him i laugh at here)

whlai86 said...

i din laugh until i saw the last photos... hahahaha... really legendary

Chobits said...

LOL!! Still the same old you, funny and pro!!! Hahaha~ it's quite a good experience meeting with so many bloggers,keep it up =)

阿量-James Teoh said...

hahaha...小彭 pokai one is funny ^^

Allison said...

so cute and creative.. haha

Anonymous said...

sorry for interupt.

May i know how go to broga hill from wangsa maju please?

thank you.